#Win the NEW Breaking Bad Unisex Fragrance Gift Set

I am a HUGE Breaking Bad fan, I chain watched the show on
NETFLIX and felt more than a bit flat when it finished! So I am quite excited to host a competition
to win the NEW Breaking Bad Unisex Fragrance Gift Set (RRP £39.99), as I am
sure many fans still want to immerse themselves in everything Breaking Bad and
reminisce about one of their favourite shows!

The NEW Breaking Bad fragrance set is now available to buy or you could #win one on my blog, love #breakingbad x A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Dec 17, 2015 at 1:48pm PST

packaging is very appealing, the striking yellow box draws you in completely
and the products themselves look just as promising. I like how it’s a unisex product so if you give it to your
partner as a gift you can always “help” them use it!!!

get plenty for your money, this gift set contains Eau de Toilette
75ml, Body Wash 150ml, Travel Spray 15ml and Bath Bombs 2 x 14g. I think its useful having the travel spray
for when you are on the go with it being more manageable to carry than the
bigger bottle. It’s all about
presentation with the fantastic test tube bottles, helping you feel the rush
you had when you first watched Breaking Bad!

The Breaking Bad Eau De Toilette is a fresh, zesty
and uplifting scent. A fragrance experience not to be missed, from the very
first spritz you are hit with a “rush” of orange and grapefruit, ascending to a
“high” of clean, metallic notes combined with green geranium and aromatic
lavender, darkening into smoky swirls of spicy black cardamom. The final
“crash” is into carnal, inky base notes of ambers and dark woods melting into
black vanilla and vetiver.

an ideal gift for Christmas available to buy from The London Perfume Company
they have next day delivery available so you still have time if your
quick. Or if you can hang on a little
longer you can enter my competition that closes on the 5th of
January by completing the form below.
Win Breaking Bad Fragrance Set (worth £39.99)

261 thoughts on “#Win the NEW Breaking Bad Unisex Fragrance Gift Set

  1. Like you I loved Breaking Bad and binge watched it too. I love the way this is presented in beakers and a test tube. You should give "Better Call Saul" a go, I really enjoyed it.

  2. I was hoping to get some of this in my Christmas stocking. I would probably share it with my husband but I'm not promising 🙂

  3. This is cool.

    I've only watched a few episodes – I can't watch it here, I can only watch it when I visit my partner in the US – my partner is a HUGE fan of the show though.

  4. This set looks stunning. Love that it includes a travel sized spray. That would be so useful to slip in the handbag for a quick squirt when needed. Thanks 🙂

  5. we're big fans of Breaking Bad & treated ourselves to the boxset to watch over the holidays. Would so love to win this set, the artwork on the package is absolutely stunning and the fragrances sound amazing

  6. Heres one for my teenage son – Just getting into the girlfriend scene and cannot be more aromatic! he would love this

  7. fab prize-didnt know breaking bad fragrance was a thing! my son and I love the show and were obsessed with walter white and jesse-Im sure we could share this 🙂

  8. I love the combination of Breaking Bad and Fragrance! Very catchy! Thanks for the super giveaway and happy New Year.

  9. Ooooooooooh with that face staring at you from the very bold packaging, you would feel compelled, convinced, coerced to use the contents, wouldn't you? An effective marketing ploy, don't you think? Be afraid, be very afraid …. but smell gorgeous too!

  10. Aw, I wish I could delete Breaking Bad from my memory so I could watch it all over again, me and my other half absolutely loved it! Awesome prize, thank you for the chance x

  11. Happy new year thank you for a lovely prize, i love trying out new fragrances so think I will have this for myself, that's if my 9 year old daughter doesn't find it, lol x

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