all about Star Wars at the moment; most people are off to the cinema to see the
new film The Force Awakens and naturally they will want to get their hands on
the latest merchandise to compliment the film. 
My boys have not seen the film yet (we will soon I am sure!) but still
seem to know who BB-8 is, how can they not the little droid is so cute!

force is strong in Disney as they have such an extensive range of Star Wars
products, we were sent the Star Wars 6” Elite Series Die-Cast Figures, Poe Dameron
(£18.95) the details are amazing, very true representation and fully poseable
with a removable helmet. This is more
of a collector’s piece to be admired and comes with a display base.

I like the look of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Figurine Playset best of
all, for £20.95 you get 10 smaller figures to recreate all the exciting scenes
from the film. I think that set offers
excellent value for money and is guaranteed to be a gift your child will love,
even though they are not poseable children can still let their imagination run

As BB-8 fans I
think the BB-8 Character Hooded Sweatshirt For Kids (£22.95) is adorable, it
goes up to 11/12 years and is a must have purchase. I will be putting in an order for my boys!

It’s never hard to think up thoughtful gift ideas when
you browse on the Disney site, it’s easy to navigate and everything is
presented in an appealing manner! Fans really will love
the new range of exclusive products only available at Disney Stores across the
UK and at www.disneystore.co.uk,
the only problem you might have is reining in how much you want to buy!!!

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