Dressing for Winter

It’s definitely getting
colder, we do not have snow yet, more the pity really as the boys are still
waiting to eventually use their sledges I bought YEARS ago! We should
really hop into the car and find somewhere with snow but we never quite get around
to it, hoping instead the snow comes to us. Despite not having snow the
temperature is still dropping, its time to wrap up warm. Being asthmatic
I am finding it harder being out in the cold, its important I carry my inhaler
and use a scarf to stop the cold air getting on my chest.

The boys are still eager
to get outdoors though, although how long they will stay outside depends on how
many layers I give them.

Not ones to let the cold weather put them off playing outdoors x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jan 17, 2016 at 12:37pm PST

Its time for the vests, a new winter
 and ideally hats, scarf and gloves! Raincoats do not
offer enough warmth right now, its time to get something better insulated for
comfort. I really like the range at House
of Fraser, plenty of choice to appeal to my discerning boys, as they are
getting older they are voicing what they would prefer to wear and what designs/styles
are acceptable. I am lucky having two
boys because I always get a second use out of any coat I buy, so quality is
important as I want it to last for both of them.

I think with boys it’s important to top up on fresh air, as they are so
full of beans! So whatever the weather we will try and head outdoors, the
dog appreciates a walk at the very least. The boys usually grumble at
first but once outside start playing and feeling pleased they were coaxed
outdoors. Since eldest got a stunt
scooter he is more eager than usual, but only if I promise the skate park is
our destination, parks are a good second and can have the same effect most of the time.

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