Encouraging a love of reading

were sent two children’s books from Waterstones
and as always eldest was keen to read the new books as soon as they
arrived. He is an avid reader of both
fiction and reference books. He enjoys
expanding his knowledge base, telling us facts he has gleaned from the
pages. You can often find him lost in a
good book; to be honest I was pretty much the same as a child.

two I selected were aimed at children 5-8 years old but my eldest is a
particularly confident reader at 8, so would have been fine with the books in
the 9-12 years old category. But he
already has all the Wimpy Kid books and many by the author David Walliams too,
so we decided to see what Claude: Lights! Camera! Action! and Mister
Cleghorn’s Seal would be like instead.

eldest is not one to pass up a good book, regardless of whom it is targeted at
he was quick to tuck himself in bed and start flicking through the pages.

Excited to have a couple new books to read thanks to #waterstones #reading x

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Lights! Camera! Action! has very colourful funny illustrations that will
certainly appeal to your children. I love the gorilla in a dressing gown with a dainty cup of tea especially!

are plenty more books featuring Claude on his adventures, so I can imagine we
will be adding more to our shelves as time goes by. Claude was picked for a Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize
which gives you some indication of the quality of the book for its

The humour is a bit out there, but
that will only help to capture their attention and make them want to read more
and there is nothing quite like hearing the laughter of your child as they
read. It is one of my most favourite
sounds, when you know they are really enjoying reading.

The other book we were sent Mister
Cleghorn’s Seal it is very well written with Judith Kerr line
illustrations bringing the book to life. 
It is a heart-warming tale of Mister Cleghorn trying to find a home for an
abandoned seal pup. Both my boys would
probably do the same; I can imagine them coming home with some animal or other
in need of assistance. Not sure why eldest is wearing ear defenders possibly as he wants to focus on the book without any distractions…

Youngest is still
very tentative about reading, so it is lovely having two new books I can read
to him. But we keep going and slowly
and surely he is getting there. We did uncover
one of the reasons he was so reluctant to try and that was because he had
thought that naturally at 18 everyone could suddenly read. So he had decided with his own twisted logic
(bless him) that he did not need to put in all the effort as when he become an
adult he would just be reading like everyone elseā€¦ I am glad we had the conversation though as he seems a bit more encouraged to learn now!

15 thoughts on “Encouraging a love of reading

  1. Love this post! I'm always on the lookout for more books as reading/story time is very important for us! When we got the TidyBooks bookcase for review, I had an even bigger excuse to buy more books for L! x

  2. We love Waterstones! It's usually an expensive visit….. My children love their books, although the ridiculous RWI scheme turned my youngest son's interest off for a couple of years.

  3. Ha ha – I wonder if your son would have applied the same logic to other things if you hadn't had the conversation with him! Love the ear protectors. Maybe I should use them when I want 5 mins peace with my book, without interruption fom the kids!

  4. Those both look like great choices; I have found that as my kids have got older it's harder to find 'in between' books, ones which are bright and colourful but aimed at older children so these look really great. I will have to add them to my list. Love the logic about reading as well, bless!

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