Garden Wishlist

We bought a sizeable barbecue at the end of the summer, but
sadly we only had a couple of uses out of it before the weather turned and it
was not so pleasant to eat al fresco. I
want us to use it earlier on this time; as soon as we see the first sign of
sunshine I will have hubbie outside in his apron. But failing that saving up for an outdoor heater might be a wise
investment. I always enjoy the heat
they give off in the pubs I frequented of old; it would be a real treat to bask
in that soothing warmth in our own garden!

Another must purchase for 2016 is a swinging seat an item I
have craved for ages, but hubbie was insistent we purchase the BBQ first, I
relented and let him have his way for a change. I am sure men have a thing about cooking outside. But I did a test for stress levels today and
mine is higher than his, so I think the next purchase should be all about what
I want (stamps foot!), although I must add I have enjoyed the food he cooks
including banana’s stuffed with chocolate so all hope was not lost!

I always think swinging chairs are so homely. An ideal place to relax and unwind, perhaps
reading a book whilst gently rocking back and fourth, in my mind a glass of
freshly squeezed lemonade features but I am hardly that domesticated, so it’s
likely to be a can of 7UP from the fridge. If I was being greedy I would also get a hammock whilst I am at it, then the boys can chill out too, hopefully meaning a slower pace of life for us all some of the day anyway!

Timber decking would be great for entertaining and I like
that you can even get anti-slip decking from arbordeck, it helps to have extra grip
when you have children running around wildly, especially in Wales when it rains
a lot so it could be slippy!

At the
moment we are surrounded by tarmac. 
It’s not a good look if I am honest but it was there when we bought the
house and we have not got the energy or the funds to sort it out just yet!

Hubbie tried to get some of it up with a spade but it
took all his manpower to chunk out the tiniest of sections and giving up seemed
the most sensible option. Apparently he
reckons it would have cost a fortune to lay all that tarmac, I am unconvinced
if it’s not pretty why bother! As it
was a commercial property before I guess it was the most practical solution for
them, maybe to park more cars. But I
want our garden to be a thing of beauty and at the moment it is not even close…
being one to look for a silver lining though it does have one benefit and that
is plenty of space for the boys to ride their bikes!

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