Going green in the garden with Compost Direct

We are all thinking about our New Year resolutions now the excitement of Christmas has died down. I want to be more careful with our finances because we have spent so much on house renovations this year that we need to start paying some of that back, its a scary figure when you write it all down (and there is only so long you can bury your head in the sand!).

One way we could actually save some money is growing our own vegetables, when you buy from the supermarket you seem to have a lot of wastage as you often do not eat what you have in before it goes out of date, but when your picking your vegetables fresh from the garden you can avoid some of that! Plus if you grow more than you need you can help friends and family with lots of vegetables and who knows what they might give you return, you could start a bartering system!

So if your wanting to be more self sufficient or just greener in general then this visual from Leading compost and garden supply company Compost Direct will help you go green in your outdoor space. Children especially enjoy seeing where vegetables come from (and no not just the supermarket!).

Discussing topics like composting, recycling and growing your own, the infographic shows the small changes you can make to your garden to make it more eco-friendly. In the visual you can learn the following:

* The do’s and don’ts of composting

* How to create an eco-friendly compost bin

* How to recycle unwanted items usefully in your garden

* How to set up a vegetable patch and grow onions, carrots, broad beans, lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes

To find out more, view the graphic in full below.

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