#HostWithHabitat Our Kitchen & Competition News

kitchen is a work in process; it has its plus points like being a decent sized
room, with plenty of light. But its not
visually where I want it to be, we bought our house after it had been a
commercial property and are gradually transforming it into a home, but for now
I have to make the best of it. It’s not
a priority at the moment because it’s still functional, whilst we sort out the
more pressing issue of leaks with new windows, flashing and re-pointing, the
kitchen is on the back burner. But it
does not stop me day dreaming about the type of kitchen I would love to
have. It’s hard because most of the
work completed in our house has been to the exterior, but once we are water
tight we can focus on improving the interior finally!!!

We have made some small changes like removing an extra
hand washing sink and an integrated table, but I would love to get rid of the
uninspiring lights and the wall mounted HyrdroBoil for instant hot water
(seriously I would prefer sticking with my kettle!), that helpful piece of kit
is an eye sore! When the precious
occupants were making hot drinks for lots of people it was probably handy to
have but just for hubbie and I (and for youngest to have his occasional hot
chocolate or cup of tea) its really not needed.

cabinets are relatively modern and the cooker looks quite impressive (if only
it worked as well as it looked!) but the room does not have much
character. From choice I would go for a
country cottage kitchen, a cosy room that is inviting for everyone, the heart
of the home. Something like the picture

Image from Image from http://www.housetohome.co.uk

kitchen just serves its purpose lots of storage space, ample worktops for food
preparation and a separate freezer (when buying frozen food on offer in bulk!). We could if we wanted to cater for the boys
birthday parties and having friends and family over quite easily, I just wish
we could make the kitchen look more appealing.

of improving matters without spending too much has been investing in lovely dinnerware,
which really does make a difference; I found some attractive mugs, plates and
bowls from Habitat.

They really are
quite lovely; the simple leaf design is very effective and they survive going
in our dishwasher! Now we have got one
I do not want handwash only items in the kitchen…

We hosted a come dine with me
evening last night with hubbie and five of my girlfriends; they really
appreciated the new plates and cups (not everyone was drinking wine!). After the meal and a competitive game of
Family Fortunes we gave him scores, everyone was very generous with 10’s and
9’s, the food and company were both wonderful but my 8 is bringing the average down, but I couldn’t give more until we
actually paint our dining room.

gorgeous dining table is let down with the state of the walls, but we will get
there eventually. Like everything in
this renovation its not a race, we have to keep saving up for the next project.

I was excited to find
this competition to Host
with Habitat
to have a professional chef come to your house and cook up a
delicious meal for four. It would give
my hubbie a rest if we won as he was working flat out making a tasty and
filling lasagne and a very indulgent cake for dessert, the hardest part would
be picking which friends could come! So
if I am lucky I think I would choose to spoil my parents instead, a thank you
meal for everything they do.

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