January House Update: Flashing Builders

We might have turned a corner
with the house; finally it looks like the leak problem is (almost) under
control. After trying the repointing,
which to be honest is a good thing to do anyway, as the house needed some TLC
even if it did not resolve the issue! 
It just made the leak act differently, the water could not get back out
so easily so it actually made the ceiling downstairs wetter than before (sob
cry!). It’s heart breaking seeing water
trickle down the sides of your walls, especially when the house did not get a
break from it with the dreadful weather of late.

We are now having the flashing
done (I think my friends got quite excited when I said I had the builders in
flashing!) and on first inspection it is looking positive, hopefully the water
will stop making its way in through the joints in the building. We really needed some good news, because the
house has had significant renovations since we bought it back in April 2014 and
for every step forward it’s seemed a fair few back, probably much more than we
bargained for, but then you only see the true magnitude of problems when you
investigate others… (And yes we did get a full structural survey but even that
can reveal so much!).

We are feeling quite upbeat
because we bought a new dining table and chairs; it was never fun on playdates not
having enough seats for us to sit down (just the kids had places)! I think it’s the motivation we needed to get
cracking with the dining room itself. 
We are just saving up and then the builder can box it up and make it
look beautiful before hubbie gets painting. 
Every bit of process we make really starts to transform our home which
when we first bought it was quite commercial. 

Hopefully 2016 will see a couple more exciting changes
to the house, the dining room like we mentioned but perhaps a room upstairs
too. Although we have plans to get rid
of another chimney (if you are not using them they are nothing but trouble as
the weather gets in). From down below
the chimneys look small but these are huge close up, so it will be another big
job no doubt. Even with each set back
we soon cheer back up, we never feel down for long because we have bought our
forever house and we really do love it! 
It might take us longer than we thought it get it right, but eventually
we might just get close!

Hubbie has been doing some jobs, cutting back tree branches as they were bothering the phone wire, I was surprised as usually how much I moan he just ignores me but he was feeling particularly pro-active today!

And then he was up on a high ladder checking the guttering. It’s nice seeing him get his hands dirty as he is usually too tired after coming home from the office. But I cannot face heights like that so I was impressed he managed it.

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