King of Tokyo Review & Giveaway

We are finding it harder to coax the boys away from screens;
games are so immersive and exciting these days that sadly they get rather
hooked. But King of Tokyo is as
engaging as any computer game and gives them a much-needed break from staring
at a screen.

It’s easy enough to get the hang off; it combines elements
of luck and strategy, which works well. 
You have dice to roll and depending on what you roll on your turn you
can do a combination of attacking your opponent (the claw icon), healing (a
heart), collecting “shopping points” as we call them (the electric symbol) or
trying to get extra points to win that way (by getting three one’s, two’s or
three’s to gain that particular score).

You can spend the energy cubes (our “shopping points”) for
some powerful bonuses; three special cards are dealt out but only replaced with
new ones when they are sold. My
favourite ones are the two that allow you to have an extra dice, if you managed
to get both you have a big advantage over everyone else. But there are lots of different ones to
choose from, my eldest in particular gets quite excited spending his energy
cubes. I am less about the cubes and
more about the points, whereas hubbie is all about taking us down as fast as possible,
so he tries to roll as many claws as possible.

You can play the slow game and try and be the first to get
to twenty points or just go all out ATTACK on everyone like hubbie
prefers. You have to make sure your not
over confident once I stayed in the Tokyo City too long trying to tot up some
extra Victory Points (you receive one when you go into Tokyo City and another 2
when its your next turn) and as you cannot heal in there I soon got
annihilated. The game looks impressive,
the monster boards, little green energy cubes and special cards keep everyone

King of Tokyo has an RRP of Β£29.99 but is currently
available to buy from Amazon
cheaper. I also have a copy to giveaway
here, if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 6th
of February.

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106 thoughts on “King of Tokyo Review & Giveaway

  1. I love to have board games for my grandchildren to play when they visit.I have quite a few for my younger grandchildren but few for the older ones and this looks quite a good one x

  2. For our 'step-grandson' (is that the correct term? it's difficult to work out these things as your children might get divorced or meet new partners with their own children) anyway so we can bond and play games together.

  3. We have our favourite games but really enjoy trying new ones, too. This looks fab! Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  4. I love playing games with my son. He has Aspergers and ADHD and can find it hard to relax sometimes, and I know playing games will keep his mind busy and we can have a laugh. We love playing Pokemon cards, Chess and we have a few Lego board games which are really fun. It gives his mind a chance to switch off from everything around him. I know he would love to try this game!

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