My 2016 Getaway

Today I am feeling the cold, even with the heating on full
pelt and my warmest of onesies it is making me long for a holiday
overseas. Even better I would love 2016
to be the year of my first cruise, I am getting closer to 40 and its about time
I started thinking of all the things I want ticked off my bucket list. Like posh afternoon tea, a luxurious cruise,
maybe a chocolate making courseā€¦ I don’t want anything too dangerous or risky,
you won’t find me deep sea diving or bungee jumping! I like the slower pace of life and am no adrenaline junky.

But our budget is so tight at the moment; every penny
allocated out on our DULL spreadsheet of expenses, the only chance I will get
to achieve each of them is if I get some bargains. It’s so boring its house renovation project after house
renovation project and I want there to be fun and excitement alongside those
things, I love seeing the house improving don’t get me wrong but I still crave

Cruise Club
have some last minute cruises at more affordable prices and
to be honest I need something for us, since we bought the house its had the
front re-pointed, countless windows replaced, chimneys “fixed” (yes they still
leak!), the flashing done and some floor boards replaced. When I think of the cost of all that I sigh
deeply inside, all the holiday fun we could have had with that money.

So I am determined that we still have some
kind of holiday and it would be lovely to try something we have yet to
experience. If I start edging too close
to 40 I might have to cheat a little and just book a cheaper mini cruise, but I
know the boys will still love the excitement of being out to sea even if it was
only for a couple of days.

I really want to see
more of the world and a cruise is one quick way to squeeze lots of locations
into one holiday! Since having the boys
we have only had one foreign holiday so in 8 years I feel we have hardly been
anywhere! Okay we might have covered a
fair bit of the UK and had our first stay camping and in caravans but as the
boys are getting older I think its time to explore. The world is our oyster (I could just do with finding a pearl to
fund our plans, maybe I should give deep sea diving a go after all!).

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