My blog isn’t perfect

But neither am I, yes it’s a bit messy at times and the
pictures are far from being perfect, but I do not have lots of free time to
take a million shots and spend hours editing. 
I might have a tidy corner of my house for some product review pictures
but most of it is in chaos, I don’t write long rambling posts about how much I
love my boys I don’t need too, they know I tell them every single day of the
year. They also drive me nuts I tell
them that too, it’s about balance surely! 
I have lots of good intentions and plans, but never quite find the
energy to action them. But I am still
here just over four years later, which I think is an achievement in itself.

Sometimes I feel like my blog stands out like a sore thumb,
it has never won any awards and probably never will, it does not have the
glossy magazine finish most aspire too and part of me probably secretly
craves. But behind the scenes I am
raising two lively but lovely lads, one who at 8 seems to have hit the Kevin
teenage stage and is all shrugs and grunts and not many words but would not be
without his bedtime cuddle and a 6 year old who adores his mum but enjoys
keeping her on her toes. To the point
he will read books completely wrong just because he thinks its funny that mummy
wants to pull her hair out by the end of the reading session, he admitted this
tactic to his daddy!!! But how angelic does he look!

My lovely littlest was a poorly boy last night but on the mend thankfully x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jan 18, 2016 at 1:55pm PST

But the thing is despite this I am happy with my little area
in the blogsphere, I would love to wow you with recipes and crafting but the
likelihood all those great idea’s will stay in my head, because let’s me honest
my get up and go has got up and gone! 
By the time the house has a quick sweep over, the dog is walked, emails
are attended too, a blog post or two is written and time spent with the boys I
am exhausted. The last two nights
youngest has stayed in the bed with me to keep an eye on him after feeling
poorly, he sleeps like a starfish, I must have got punched in the face about
three times! That’s the reality of

Although you might notice a little change soon I am
having a new header made and I am very excited about that, who knows it might
kick-start an enthusiasm to tackle the overall layout of my blog but I am sure
I will still be a bit messy and real.

5 thoughts on “My blog isn’t perfect

  1. Don't put yourself down so much! Your blog is lovely, and as a mummy blogger, it is comforting to know you don't neglect your family and home just to compete for awards or with other bloggers. It is like when I go round to other mum's homes, I feel so much more at ease when I see that they have toys lying around, washing hung over radiators and dust gathering on the sideboard just like me! Those mums who have showhouses either have cleaners coming in or they spend more time cleaning than playing with their kids! I aknow I am rambling but I hope you get what I mean! I like you blog and short posts are more appealing for me (and probably many others) because I know they won't take me ages to read and my eyes do get tired these days! So keep up the good work – you have a 5 star award from me!

  2. I totally get where you are coming from and agree with you, my blog will never look like a magazine although I did pay for a header recently as my blog looked terrible before. I also have great ideas and never do anything about them and have a to do list as long as my arm but I never have the time nor energy to do them. I like your blog and agree that spending time with my children is more important then spending all my time online pretending I have the perfect life when I know full well I do not. I am looking forward to seeing your new header xx

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