New Year #animalresolutions Competition

be honest us humans seem to have an epiphany come January 1st
and write a long list of resolutions. 
We want to eat healthier (maybe stocking up on vitamins and supplements
to help with that!), join a gym or be more careful with our finances. The beginning of January you are full of all
the best intentions in the world and an un-wavering confidence that you can do
whatever you planned, but as the month drags on its hard to keep resisting the
lure of those shiny bars of chocolate or find the motivation to head out for a
jog when its warmer curled up inside watching Netflix.

If animals had resolutions its interesting to think what
they might be, my dog should try and be brave, she does not like cars, most
dogs (even when on TV!), waves if we venture to a beach on holiday OR any
sudden noise. She is so jumpy bless
her, a dog therapist said its because she is a collie and naturally expects the
worst of everything, it’s a bit like living with Eeyore.

Discount Supplements have suggested
some of the resolutions our most favourite animals would possibly choose for
2016, see them in the image below.

makes an interesting read; I think they have chosen resolutions very true for
each animal! The night owl to cut out caffeine
or the frog intent on finding his princess, lets hope the animals out there
have a successful 2016 too!

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waste on habits you want to quit!

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149 thoughts on “New Year #animalresolutions Competition

  1. To have some Adventures :- e.g. visit new places, try out new hobbies etc. Also for these to be recorded in a memory book, which can be referred to, shown to family and friends etc. Therefore they can share in any positive experiences etc.

    Rachel Craig

  2. This year my resolution was generally to be more organised – myself and the flat – including chucking loads of stuff out, donating items to charity, and rearranging cupboards, drawers and shelves to make life a little easier. Fingers crossed.

  3. I would like to save money where you increase the money saved by 1 penny each day, starting on 1st January with 1p and it accumulates. This will hopefully help me save money without really missing it and I will have a nice wee nest egg for Christmas next year.

  4. To write down something good that has happened each day and put it in a jar. Then at the end of the year I'll have 366 awesome memories to look back at.

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