Our January #netflixstreamteam Update

Netflix update is only just on time this month I think its because we’ve been
so busy watching decent content I forgot to actually tell you guys what had
caught our interest.

have watched a couple of films this month; it’s made a welcome change from
going from one show straight to another. 
I would recommend “What We Do In The Shadows” and “Mortdecai
in particular, there are heaps more on there but those two stood out this
month. “What We Do In The Shadows
is hilarious, quite dark but very funny! 
You will be giggling about the antics of this very mixed group of
vampires, its like an off the wall documentary learning more about them!

Mortdecai has Johnny Depp playing an art dealer who goes on a
bit of a wild goose chase; I liked it because his loyal manservant sticks with
him through thick and thin whilst Lord Mortdecai seems to get himself into one
difficult position after another. His
wife Johanna Mortdecai (Gwyneth Paltrow) openly gags about his moustache too,
so I was using that as ammunition for my hubbie to get rid of his…

have just found Shadow Hunters The Mortal Instruments but Netflix is
drip-feeding us that show, so we have to hang on (by the seat of our pants!)
until Wednesday each week. I am loving the chemistry between Clary and

To be
honest it’s probably a more sensible way for me to watch a series as if its all
there available to watch each month becomes a blur of whatever show I decide is
worthy of our attention. But by
watching it at a more moderate pace we can continue to enjoy other shows and

we have been also squeezing in some Chuck and Between. Chuck is easy to watch, if you’re tired out
after a long day it’s a nice safe option, its not scary or difficult to
follow. Yet still quite intriguing
following the adventures of Chuck Bartowski who is a bit of a loveable geek
turned secret agent. Actually it looks like he becomes a bit more adjusted to the role as the series progresses and in a tuxedo could give any Bond a run for his money!

Between we are only on episode two
but I have a thing for survivalist shows. 
Although this virus has a cut off of 22 years, once you get to that not
so magic number it appears to be game over… at 37 I am not a happy bunny about
this news but I am keen to see how the people of Pretty Lake fare.

11 thoughts on “Our January #netflixstreamteam Update

  1. I've just watched Saving Mr Banks, loved it. My eldest binge watches shows on here, I've started The Good Wife but not got very far as I can never get on tthe internet to watch it as everyone else is on it.

  2. We don't have Netflix but do have Amazon Prime – I was addicted to Switched at Birth on there! Looks like you have had some good viewing esp Johnny Depp! x

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