Pictopia Review and Competition

Pictopia only arrived today sent
over from our friends in Esdevium Games
but eldest, hubbie and myself were eager to give it a try straight away. We had heard good things about the game and
were keen to see if it would live up to our high expectations.

It proved to be a charming game
that tests your knowledge in Disney trivia. 
It is not too complicated to get the hang of and the instructions were
very clear. It’s pitched at the right
level to be challenging but not too difficult if you love all things Disney,
although some of the date questions we struggled with! The person whose turn it is becomes the
host, it’s good that it’s structured in this way, as everyone can get involved
in playing the game and not just being stuck in the role of host.

Hubbie surprised us all when he
managed to get his final question right to win the game based on pictures of
swirling princesses you could barely recognise!!! I did not know he was so well acquainted with the Disney

There are 1000 questions in total so plenty to keep the
game fascinating, if you land on the Mickey face picture then the question
revolves around YOU and what you think about the pictures or what you imagine
the other players might do. It’s quite
entertaining in that respect, hubbie had to pick out which cat I would most
like, but everyone knew not to pick the girly ones with the pink ribbons (so
not me!) when they made their guesses. 
It’s good to see how well your opponent knows you.

The wagering element is quite
interesting, if you’re feeling confident then its best to use your highest coin
so you can move on more spaces if you answer correctly. Although you do base your wager on a glance
of the image alone, so when you actually come to hear the question associated
with it you sometimes realise that you completely misjudged what you thought
might have been asked! Suddenly you
wish you had placed a low valued coin instead…

Pictopia has an RRP of Β£19.99 and is available to buy
from Amazon;
it really is a lovely addition to family game time. If you would like to win a copy of the game please fill out the
form below by the 15th of February.

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135 thoughts on “Pictopia Review and Competition

  1. This looks a good game – but Ive not seen it before Im constantly looking for new ones as my niece loves playing games and whenever she comes to play 1 of the board games will come out. – Im glad I have a spare room as with all her craft stuff and games etc I need it lol

  2. Friday nights is make your own pizza and games so night so a new addition to the games would be very welcome, not only because it sounds fun to play but because it's Disney based as well, something the children are always happy with.

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