Screams in the night and even less sleep than usual

I did not manage to recap on our last weekend as it’s been a
bit of a blur, so before this one finishes I should write something about the
one I missed. It was very busy, eldest
had a sleepover and we all went to see an evening showing of a pantomime. It was an amateur performance but
nonetheless very well received by the boys, they had a picture with a couple of
their favourite actors after the show and would not stop talking about one in
particular, it was TIM this and TIM that. 
They wanted him to be there older brother or even be made into a LEGO
Dimensions figure (high praise indeed!).

Then on returning home the older boys did not go to sleep
till 11:30pm, fuelled on excitement and sugary sweets… fortunately we managed
to convince youngest to nod off at 10pm, as he really needs his sleep! Even that was far too late for him, but as a
one off now and then its okay but we still know about it the next day!

The following morning it was a quick visit to the park then
sleepover friend returned home, before hubbie and I headed off to take our dog
to flyball. She is not overly keen on
other dogs, perhaps that is being too generous, she outright dislikes every
unknown dog she meets is probably more accurate! But we are taking her to these lessons in the vague hope she will
by being in the same room as other dogs start to realise that they are not all
scary and make some friends! That
weekend saw some progress, as she was keen to socialise with one of the dogs
she has now met three times. That dog
has a lovely temperament so hopefully will help our dog see sense, she certainly looked happier wagging her tail more.

One from the weekend #flyball session with a very waggy tail #dogsoninstagram x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jan 19, 2016 at 11:27am PST

After flyball hubbie and I prepared for friends arriving for
dinner and board games. It was a
successful evening, hubbie’s cake was well received and everyone had an
enjoyable time. I love catching up with
the girls, I want to focus on the friends that mean the most rather than trying
to get along with everyone.

My hubbie has been #baking again, this yummy #cake for a #girlsnightin x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jan 16, 2016 at 4:29am PST

By the following evening I was ready to unwind, catch up on
sleep but youngest bless him had other ideas. 
Come 1 am in the morning we were awoken to all mighty screaming, it was
very scary, youngest was complaining of neck pains so I went into full on panic
mode, checking for a rash, aversion to lights, a temperature, basically any
change at all that would allude to anything more sinister.

Eventually we managed to settle him but still kept a close
eye on him through the night, in case any other symptoms developed! The following day the lovely doctor said he
would be better in a couple of days, his signs were all good he had just in all
probability twisted his neck funny in the night! Phew.

My lovely littlest was a poorly boy last night but on the mend thankfully x A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jan 18, 2016 at 1:55pm PST

We finally managed to get some rest the next night.

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  1. Wow that cake looks incredible! What a clever hubby you have, I wish my hubby would get in the kitchen more, although it's probably a good thing he doesn't 😉

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