Seagull Splat Review and Giveaway

a University Games Ambassador I promised you games giveaways! So here is your first of 2016. If your children have seen the TV adverts
they will definitely be excited about this game. 

Splat is bound to get your children laughing; it certainly had that effect with
mine! I am not entirely sure about the
poop theme but its one ALWAYS guaranteed to amuse and entertain children of all
ages. Thankfully it’s a game of a
simple nature so children can play this on their own without having to learn
complicated rules that might dull their enthusiasm. Just keep an eye as they can get a little carried away and want
to see the seagull pooping on everything in sight!

the spinner you are allocated a players coloured towel to try and poop on with
the naughty seagull! Panic not the poop
is foam not anything more gruesome! 1x75ml seagull foam
solution is provided with the game but it’s easy enough to create more with
bubble mixture. You activate the poop
using a lever and you do feel
surprisingly victorious when you survive and do not get splatted on; there is
an element of tension before you find out though… 

would definitely recommend this game if you want something light hearted but
cheeky to play with the children. 
Children are naturally a bit mischievous so they can get their fix
through this badly behaved seagull instead! 
The video below from University Games shows you more of what to expect
from game play, suffice to say this is ideal for younger children not
educational but hilarious nonetheless. 
Sometimes it’s nice just to play a game for entertainments sake rather
than teaching them all the time.


Splat (For 2-4 players. Age 4+ years) RRP Β£19.99 is created by University Games. If you would like to win this fantastic game
please fill in the form below by the 27th of January.
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312 thoughts on “Seagull Splat Review and Giveaway

  1. This would be perfect for me and I understand ur problem with lack of sleep but for different reasons – because of my condition I have chronic pain which has lead me to parasomnia and sleep walking.

  2. We live by the sea and these little flying monkeys can be a bit of a pain. It would be nice to 'get them back' or as the game suggests it will 'get us back', in a friendly way.

  3. Elaine Clark. My grandson would enjoy this. A seagull pinched his ice cream this year.οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½

  4. Oh I wish I had seen this before christmas ! My parents retired to the seaside last year and my mum loves it but hates the seagulls and theres loads of them !! she would find this most entertaining !

  5. This would be such a great addition to our family games,even in this electronic age there is still a need for these.I have a few games and when my grandchildren come to visit they love playing them,it's so nice to do things together and have fun x

  6. awesome game my youngest son would just love this! he finds anything that comes out of a body amusing lol x

  7. This looks perfect for our seven, they always want to try and bring the seagulls home when we visit the beach, And they always talk about the time a seagull got me as whilst we were on a rollercoaster!

  8. I know for certain my two would be in fits of giggles with this! I agree with you about games with the poo theme but they always seam to get children laughing, and that is what a childhood is about! FUN! Thanks for the chance! x

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