Spaceform Mini Glass Token Giveaway

Personal now have a range of exclusive mini glass keepsake tokens available to
buy through their site. I was sent the Drink Wine Responsibly one with an RRP of £12.99 to see what I thought.

New giveaway launching soon to win one of these fabulous mini Spaceform glass keepsake tokens x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jan 24, 2016 at 1:34am PST

I choose that particular design as I absolutely loved the
slogan, Drink Wine Responsibly, Don’t spill it! Amen to that! I
could not agree more; I know my girlfriends would appreciate the

are very little tokens, probably smaller than I expected but still look
fabulous added as an extra gift perhaps with a bigger present or just as a
gesture your thinking of someone with no particular occasion in mind!

do make beautiful gifts for loved ones who will like the touch of humour in the
design, like this one about Chocolate. As a committed chocoholic I would gladly respond to questions just like that myself.

is the best medicine after all and these keepsake tokens certainly help in that
respect. You can see the full range below; the red heart designs would be
ideal for Valentines, a change from the more traditional gifts of chocolate and flowers.

Please do not let the size of the token detract from the care
and attention taken in the making of this gift, remarkably 38 process take
place in the creation of this beautiful keepsake. No two are identical as
they are all made by hand, so as unique a gift as the person you had in mind
for receiving it!

If you would like to win one of these exclusive tokens please fill out
the form below by the 4th of February, so
hopefully it will arrive in time for Valentines!

Win a Spaceform Mini Glass Token

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  1. I think mine's more "Wine is the answer" lol – only because chocolate gives me headache lol. I do love the signs though, cheer you up on a rainy/snowy/windy Yorkshire Saturday night.

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