Valentine Gift Guide & Competition

Just in case you are in are
looking for inspiration for Valentines, I have included a few suggestions to
make buying your loved one something special that bit easier.


Valentines would not be complete
without an indulgent chocolate gift and Doisy& Dam have some very attractive packs available to buy. These chocolates are also crammed with
superfoods so are much better in terms of nutrition than perhaps your usual go
to brand. The combinations are more
unusual too, allowing the recipient to challenge their taste buds and be more adventurous.

They have launched two boxes in
preparation for Valentines Day, a dark (suitable for vegans) and a light
collection, available to buy for £9.50 each. 
I really love the bright vibrant packaging of the bars of chocolate.

Both of these sets are included
in my Valentine giveaway.

Doisy & Dam are a lovely brand established by
childhood friends who make everything by hand in the UK with only the highest
quality organic chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat is always a firm favourite here too, so when I was offered the chance to sample a few of the Valentines range I could not resist. 

Some chocolate indulgence #hotelchocolat #truffles and Love Potions x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jan 29, 2016 at 9:08am PST

The Love Potions (£10) are a bit more unusual the exotic cocktail combinations very alluring. They are an attractive present, not a big box but one to capture the interest of the recipient, the name alone intrigues but its all about the flavours…

The champagne truffles (£10) are elegantly packaged, these are very indulgent, a luxurious treat for your taste buds. They are rich with a lovely thick outer casing and then on to the pleasant but not too an overpowering flavoured inside, you should savour each one as they are not something to be rushed.


Why not treat your loved ones to some sweets this
Valentines, if your lucky they might even share them with you. I really love the cute jar of Strawberry Bonbons from Getting Personal, available to buy in two sizes small for
£9.99 and large for £12.99. I think the
personalisation makes it that bit more special and Bonbons especially can make
you feel nostalgic for those happy times in your childhood when you were
tightly holding your little white paper bag full of treasured sweets.


considering gifts
for her
you will probably already have perfume on your shortlist. I really like the Penhaligon’s Scent Library
for £17.99 so much so it is also included in my giveaway at the end of this
feature. It is the perfect size to
carry in your handbag giving you access to ten mini vials of Penhaligon’s
best-selling sensual and exotic scents. 
This tin is an ideal way to start your fragrance journey with floral and
atmospheric perfume to get you noticed. 
Five of the vials are also suitable for men, so possibly a gift to share
this Valentines.

If you really want to
spoil your Valentine why not get them a bottle of perfume from Joan Collins Timeless Beauty this is such a glamorous brand created by the
Hollywood legend Joan Collins herself. 
The brand is all about feeling beautiful whatever your age and the range
looks very luxurious and exclusive. I
have a 50ml bottle of the I AM WOMAN – Eau de Parfum to giveaway so the lucky
winner can embrace the personality of Joan Collins with a fragrance designed to
inspire and seduce.


Whether it’s to take the edge off parenting or just to
toast a milestone in your relationship, wine makes a wonderful gift for
Valentines. But just picking up a
bottle from your local supermarket does not show as much thought as ordering a
more distinctive wine gift online. Here
are a couple of my favourites.

This attractive gift comes beautifully presented in a silk-lined gift box for £37.99. Getting Personal certainly now how to pull out all the stops, so if your in the dog house for any reason its time to start browsing their Valentines gifts and bringing the romance back into your relationship.

Another site well worth considering is I Just Love It especially if you want
to add some sparkle to the Valentines celebrations. Their personalised prosecco (from £22.50) comes highly
recommended. What better why to toast
your relationship than from a bottle that looks like its just made for you! The personalised message really does make
the gift stand out.

With such lovely wine naturally you might want to invest in some gorgeous new glasses. Red Candy have just the thing, I adore their LSA Polka Champagne glasses (£24), the handpainted pearlescent flutes look stunning. The pretty pastel shades are quite lovely, they also have wine glasses, tumblers and tealight holders if you wanted to co-ordinate your dinner parties.

Pampering Products

Baylis & Harding make shopping for Valentines easy and stress free they have put
lots of care and attention developing a pretty packaged range of gifts that
will make the recipient feel cared for and loved. I was sent the body wash, which looks great but also smells
divine; you really cannot go wrong spending £8 buying this from Asda or House
of Fraser. If you’re on a budget but
still want the big romantic gesture you can stock up with Baylis & Harding
products quite affordably.

If you want to set the scene with a candlelight meal
the 3 single wick candle set makes a considerate gift, as always the fragrances
from Baylis & Harding are appealing so you know your present will be well
received. I have included their Heart
Gift Box set (£25) in my giveaway, so the winner is definitely in for a treat.

TIGI S Factor Diamond Dreams shampoo and conditioner was a
restorative treat for my hair and if you cannot afford diamonds normally then S
Factor Diamond Dreams is a close second. 
I really was surprised it actually contains real diamond dust, along
with other luxurious ingredients, Champagne Extract, Cashmere and Crushed Pearls. After
using it my hair felt revitalised, hydrated with brilliant shine. I was actually asked if I had coloured it,
so it must have been looking better than its usual lacklustre self!

if money is an issue a bottle of Nelsons arnicare Bath & Massage Balm costs only £8.15 but is multifunctional. You can run your loved one a bath and then offer than a soothing
massage afterwards. I found the Arnica montana extract, and sweet scents of
Lavender and Grapefruit essential oils really
did help me unwind after a stressful day with the boys. One of the hardest parts of being a parent
is switching off when they go to bed and learning to be a partner again! Usually I am so tense by then that quality
time with my husband is comprised, so giving the gift of relaxation really
cannot be beat. I also have one of
these bottles to include in the giveaway.

Coffee Lovers

By the time your romantic evening meal comes
along you do not want to be nodding off, so why not give the gift of caffeine. Perk up your partner by giving them the
ultimate coffee lovers gift, a Beanies Stash Box (£22.50). I think these
are excellent value for a selection of remarkable coffee flavours and less than
2 calories a serving! If you’re not a
coffee drinker but appreciate cake, these also work wonderfully in baking

Hubbie just made a coffee #cake using #beaniesflavourcoffee chocolate orange and it is divine 😃☕ x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jan 22, 2016 at 3:06pm PST

For Valentines why not also pick up a new cup
for your hot drink lover (that almost sounds cheeky!). Red Candy have added their bold red statement
mug Big Love
to my prize line-up, I think it’s a cute gift for your Valentine that again won’t
break the bank at £7.95.

A better nights sleep

What more could someone ask for than to wake up refreshed and energised, what better gift could you actually give this Valentines than helping your partner feel better. Being a parent is exhausting (and joyous at times of course!) so anything that can help you switch off quicker in the evening and wake up in a better mood in the morning is a godsend in my eyes. I have a Bodyclock IRIS 500 (RRP £160) to giveaway just for this purpose.

Lumie Bodyclock Iris offers a touch of much needed luxury for ladies by combining aromatherapy with light therapy for the first time. Comes with twin chambers so you can easily switch between morning and evening essential oils, making it a pleasant experience both settling off to sleep and arising the next morning.

have a chance of winning this Valentine giveaway bundle (which includes the mug, chocolates, two perfume prizes, the Bodyclock Iris, Baylis & Harding heart box pampering goodies and the Nelson arnicare bath/massage balm) worth almost £300
please fill out the form below by the 13th of February, so I can announce the winner the good news on Valentines itself!

Win a Valentine Bundle worth almost £300

437 thoughts on “Valentine Gift Guide & Competition

  1. The aromatherapy aspect to the bodyclock is great as I usually use a room spray at night to make myself associate the scent with sleep and the reverse should work well at waking me without being intrusive.

  2. Actually, it was the mug that caught my attention! As my beloved OH keeps complaining about mugs not being the right shape or size, or having a too small handle for his fingers. I think this one would be perfect and stop him moaning (well for a while at least, LOL)

  3. Being a Fragrance Lover I would so like to try Penhaligon's Scent Library…
    It sound delightful with varying scents, I also love that I can share with my husband x
    Jenny @justinepinky

  4. Everything sounds lovely but the item that most catches my attention is the Penhaligon's Scent Library – 10 nice new fragrances to try – perfect for Valentine's and other special days. Fingers crossed hoping for a little bit of luck to come my way now.

  5. Firstly – amazing giveaway, thank you! The champagne flutes have really captured my attention; I've been looking for some special ones for ages and these are just perfect! Thanks so much for the chance and I hope you get some sleep soon… I have 2 boys too!! @Rachel1383 xx

  6. I love the personalised prosecco! I love personalised gifts as they add a little something extra 🙂 Plus come Valentines day, our bump will be in the world, so it would be another reason to raise a glass to us <3

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  8. it has to be the Beanies stash box and for several reasons. I love coffee, I love cake so could use it in my baking and my nickname is Beanie 🙂 Sounds perfect for me. Thanks for the chance of such a fab prize x

  9. The Bodyclock Iris,I really struggle to get up in winter,I'm sure I was a bear in a previous life as I could so easily hibernate.In summer I spring up out of bed at seven without any bother but struggle so badly in winter x

  10. I love the Penhaligon's Scent Library! There are some really fabulous ideas for Valentine's Day gifts here, for both him and her and at all different budgets!

  11. this prize looks simply amazing , some very lovely gifts included. If i had to choose the item that i would most love to try i would have to say the bodyclock Iris. I would be very interested in the results this would give to me. I am such a poor sleeper so i would love to experiment with the different fragrances to see for myself what results i would have. The reviews for this item sound amazing. Just need to keep everything crossed and hope i am lucky.

  12. I and the hubby rarely celebrate valentines day because we cant afford (even though we both work – children cost us a fortune) so we normally make home made gifts 🙂 The clock looks amazing:D

  13. Getting Personal Vino always a good bonus, love a drop of the fizzy stuff. (But will take note of Doisy & Dam chocs as have a Vegan friend and always looking for little extras for birthdays and Christmas)

  14. What a fantastic selection of goodies! I've always fancied trying the Beanies coffee, and that was before I read your brilliant idea of baking with them!

  15. Ooh I'd love to receive any of the gifts for Valentines Day, the Hotel Chocolat gift is my favourite- love their delicious chocs

  16. The perfume and coffee would get it instantly if I won but it all sounds amazing in all honesty! Would be happy with even one.of these so the whole lot is just wow wow wow! <3

  17. Wow what amazing prizes! I love the Big Love mug and the prosecco. Would love to win to enjoy a lovely Valentines with my new fiancee after getting engaged at Christmas xx

  18. Oh my what an absolutely amazing prize… the personalised prosecco what a fab gift ..Giving drink is usually seen as a boring gift but this really gives it the edge. Thanks for hosting xx

  19. Hi – this is an amazing selection of prizes and I'd be delighted to have any of them (never mind all of them). But I love the Red Candy 'Big Love' mug, it would make me smile every time I used it. Thanks xxx

  20. Penhaligon's Scent Library with the idea of various new scents available to try and find the one you happen to like the best.

  21. Love the idea of the Stash Box. The flavours sound delicious and love the gingerbread latte you can only get a Christmas from a "well-known" coffee shop, so miss it the rest of the year. Thank you for an amazing chance too. Can I wish everyone else the best of luck.

  22. Fab give away, so many lovely prizes! I am mostly intrigued by the Bodyclock, have ou tried it yourself? How is it working for you?

  23. The Bodyclock IRIS 500 because I hate getting up during dark mornings. My body really protests against it and I think one of these would definitely help.

  24. The Bodyclock IRIS 500 – anything that helps with sleep and waking up in a good mood is much required!
    Victoria B

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