A Month On… #myevemattress

we have had our Eve mattress just
over a month now and heading to bed has never been so agreeable!

The only thing much like my new Koala header
the boys seem to agree too and want to share our comfortable super king rather
than use their own beds!!! Every
nighttime cough and sniffle seems more drawn out and exaggerated, with the boys
ever hopeful we will relent and let them share our rather fantastic mattress

ideal during the day if we want to snuggle in and watch a movie together, especially on cold winter days when you need to warm up and get snug quickly after a walk in the dreadful weather with our dog.

But in
the evening youngest likes sleeping like a starfish so I am not quite as keen
to share then. I think over time I will
have to get them their own Eve mattresses so they are more enthusiastic to
stick to their own beds.

our mattress
arrived in December
I have found that I am sleeping much more soundly
having more space to spread out is just part of that.

The mattress itself is so
very comfortable and its that which makes the most difference. Eve is made of three layers, you get optimal
support from the bottom high density layer and then the two further layers help
guarantee your comfort. I really like how the top layer is also antimicrobial it seems a healthier option for the family, especially with all the germs you get exposed to when you have school aged children!

We are
definitely feeling more relaxed with Eve in our lives, the only downside is I am struggling to get
out of bed in the morning much more than before. The Eve mattress is just too
cosy to ever want to leave… hubbie literally has to drag me out of bed whilst I plead for a few more minutes!

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