Baby Annabell Doll Competition

remember how fond I was of dolls growing up so thought it would be nice to
share a competition to win a Baby Annabell doll with my followers. I
think these particular dolls make lovely toys because they help teach your
child how to nurture a baby.

are ideal for role-play, very educational enlightening children about the
responsibility of caring for a child and empathy learning to comfort the baby
when it cries, rocking it gently to sleep, giving it a bottle or its dummy to
help it soothe.

Baby Annabell is designed to be like a real baby with
life-like functions, she responds to your calming touch; stroking her cheeks
will stop the crying. Baby Annabell
cries real tears, making the experience all that more realistic. When she drinks from her bottle her eyes
blink and she opens her mouth expectantly. 
It’s not all crying thankfully, a contented Baby Annabell babbles and
laughs too and much to the amusement of children also burps after a
bottle. Making sure you wind your baby
was always important to help them feel more comfortable and Baby Annabel is no
different, gently pat her back until she burps. All very every day scenes when you care for a child but for
children caring for Baby Annabell gives them a chance to work through different
solutions, learning how best to pacify their new baby.

With over 12 million dolls sold it makes sense if you have
been thinking of getting your child a baby doll to head to Baby Annabell first,
they are such a respected brand with years of experience developing their

the doll you also get a romper suit, hat, bib, bottle, dummy, fabric necklace with amulet you
can also buy additional accessories to help you care for your new exciting baby
and have more imaginative fun in the process.

There is a comfort seat which is ideal for you to transport your precious baby safely
whilst the changing bag is a mummy essential to carry everything you need to
keep your little one happy.

If you would like to win a Baby Annabell doll please
fill out the form below by the 23rd of March.

Win a Baby Annabell Doll

199 thoughts on “Baby Annabell Doll Competition

  1. My granddaughter is a girly, girl and with a twin brother, she gets to play with gender neutral toys, but I know she is longing for a dolly!

  2. My son likes to cuddle my childhood doll but I worry he will break her. Would love to win him one πŸ™‚ hes autistic and quite boisterous so he needs a good solid doll lol xx

  3. I would love to win as my daughter, who is 10, really wanted a doll for Christmas .. my husband convinced me that she was too old … and she was devastated when there was no doll πŸ™ I would love to see the smile on her face !!

  4. my daughter has just turned 6 an is understanding emotions and ways babies and people are,so this is perfect for her if baby cries she can soothe her and cuddle her,it would be perfect for her as she wants a baby sister and thats not going to happen so she can have her very own

  5. These dolls look great quality perfect for my princess who loves nothing more than playing mum. We ve just found out im expecting so this would be great practice for our daughter πŸ˜€

  6. My little girl loves baby dolls. I haven't got a lot of money and so have been buying from the charity shops for her as they are so expensive new. She's been asking for a Baby Annabelle for ages but haven't been able to find one that I can afford. She would be over the moon to win this!

  7. My 3 year old would love this. She misses her big sister when she is at school but is brilliant at playing by herself so I can study a bit. She really deserves a treat, bless her.

  8. i have 4 god daughters and 3 neices who visit me regularly i have a dolly pram they all love to play with but only teddies to put init…id love to surprise them with a dolly to play with when they visit

  9. My little girl Mia is baby/dolly mad… she keeps asking if I will have another baby, so she can look after it, bless her… but after 3 x C-Sections, My body has had enough!

  10. My daughter doesn't have a baby annabell but she really enjoyed playing with her at a friends house. Was thinking of getting her one for her birthday in May. This would really be fantastic to win.

  11. Annabell is a real cutie, isn't she? Our youngest is growing up but she still loves dolls so she would be thrilled to receive an Annabell.

  12. I would love to win this for my daughter and her partner to give to their friend's daughter. Their friend has helped them recently when things were tough. So it would be a nice 'thank you' gift

  13. I would love to win for my little girl, as we have just welcomed our baby boy into the world (6 weeks ago) and shes being a fab big sister to him. It would be lovely for her to have a treat, and to also have a baby that she can take care of too xx

  14. we are currently trying for our second baby, my daughter Lily now 4 would love to be involved with preparing the baby, ive read a few articles that the Annabell doll is great for teaching responsibility, and how to handle a baby, perfect for her to learn how to be a big sister xx

  15. My daughter loves playing with babies, unfortunatley the one shes got has been passed down from her older sister so it's seen better days, so I would love to win this for her, she would be over the moon.x

  16. My daughter loves babies and this would make a lovely birthday present for her. Many thanks for running this lovely giveaway.

  17. My daughter Chloe got a lovely doll for Christmas but her sister Alexa didn't. it would be lovely if I could win for her so she didn't have to share with her sister all the time x

  18. I would love to win because I got so much enjoyment as a child from pretending my Tiny Tears was a real baby, and I'd love my friend's little girl to have a Baby Annabell to do the same πŸ™‚

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