Bring back romance

I do like my competitions but I don’t enter as many
anymore, children drain your life force and just keeping on top of the
housework and blog admin jobs is enough to be getting on with. Although I do make the odd exception if
something catches my eye than I like entering and daydreaming about enjoying
the prize if I happened to win! Half
the fun is the daydreaming because its very rare I do actually win. But then its down to odds, the less you
enter the less lovely winning emails you will receive I guess.

I really LOVE the sound of this
competition over on the Flowers For Everyone
its almost Valentines so this month should hopefully be a romantic one
for many. I quite like the sound of two
nights in a rose filled love cabin!!! 
If that did not entice some quality time together with your partner than
I don’t know what would. 

I think these days it’s so easy
to be tapping away on our phones reading what everyone else is doing and not
looking at what precious things we have right in front of us. Hands up if you are continually refreshing
facebook to see if there is anything juicy going on even when you have decided
to curl up together to watch a film, so you then miss half the plot, keep
rewinding, finally decide your too tired and then switch it off
completely! I would be guilty of all of
that and do try and ease away from my phone but I swear I get social media
withdrawal symptoms…

I wish this exclusive couples retreat
was not so far away, because that is one place I am willing to go without my
phone, it’s more primeval somehow going to a cave! You also get lots of flowers, candles,
champagne and chocolates to enjoy and the most glorious of views. When we first got together hubbie gave me
the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and when he gets them for me nowadays I
still feel all warm and happy inside, although usually its because he is in my
bad books rather than because it’s a big romantic gesture! I like the wooing that goes on when you
first enter a relationship, it’s such a magical time and if it takes heading to
a cave in Sydney to recapture that I might just be game, just watching the
video is tempting me more and more. The
flickering flames of the log burner, the relaxing spa bath and the heady
fragrance of a room full of roses. I
have added the video below to inspire you all to be more romantic!

Seeing as the flights might be out of my price range at the moment I might scatter rose petals everywhere, light a few candles, crack open a bottle of Asti and chuck my phone in a drawer, probably a locked one I don’t have the key for just to be sure! Valentines I am ready for you.

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