Dixit Review and Competition

to Klout we are board game experts, well we certainly own a big collection of
board games and appreciate playing them regularly. But having so many you would think it would be hard to find a
completely new concept for us to enjoy as a family. But Dixit
is just that, a game that challenges you in a whole new way. It was refreshing trying a different format.

It is aimed at children 8 and over, youngest (at almost 7)
was still keen to play but his attempts at storytelling weren’t particularly
informative bless him, but he was very good at picking the right answer when it
was someone else’s turn. We had such an
entertaining session with this game, we had my mum getting into the
storytelling with lots of hand movements getting completely carried away then
my dad had us cracking up in laughter because he would get even the most
obvious of stories wrong!!! Hubbie said
a tale about pirates and a compass and he must have said compass about five
times and still my dad completely skipped the compass card when guessing and
went for something random instead!

such a novel game, great for developing your imagination and creativity. You do need to think about the type of story
you will tell for your chosen card as you want to balance between not revealing
too much (making it obvious for everyone which card is yours) and not being so
vague that no one has a clue what you are going on about (so all pick someone else’s!). You will spend a large portion of the game
telling the kids to cover their cards, as they tend to forget no-one is meant
to see them and lay them facing upwards on the table, but other than that I
guarantee you will have the most lovely time with this game. Eldest left the table saying “good game,
good game!” at the end despite not being the winner so left in high spirits
regardless having really enjoyed the game.

are meant to get an extra point if someone is deceived into thinking your card
is that of the storyteller when your not, but we forgot to do this and instead
just allocated the points for guessing correctly. Either way works well, I guess the game just progresses a bit
quicker if your dishing out additional points here and there.

Dixit has an RRP is
£24.99 and the game can be purchased on Amazon
but you also have the chance of winning a copy on my blog by filling out the
form below by the 14th of March.

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105 thoughts on “Dixit Review and Competition

  1. Great intro to the game, great review and thank you for the giveaway. Keeping the little people entertained day in day out can be a challenge so intros to new games are always appreciated.

  2. My children are full of fantasy and drama and love acting out stories so I am sure they would be quite inventive playing this game. What a quality family time we could have playing this

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