Exciting News & Our Valentine Bargain

been an exciting week for us with the news we made the list of just eight
Legoland Blogger Ambassadors our main highlight. We are big fans of the attraction so this is HUGE for our little
family. We cannot wait to head there
again and let you know all the news straight from the resort. If you wanted to refresh yourself with our
initial application post you can do so by clicking on Legoland
Blogger Ambassador

Over the moon to have been chosen as a @legolandwindsor blogger ambassador for 2016! #legoland is our most favourite place whoop! x

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weekend I went with my eldest to see the Goosebumps film, I really enjoyed it,
Jack Black was great as the eccentric R. L. Stine and the story
was full of twists. It’s a PG but some
of the monsters are a bit creepy, so it depends on how you feel your child will
cope if you take them to watch it, luckily eldest had his best friend with him,
which helped him feel brave. I was
naughty and went for a full on ice cream sundae with the works; whilst my son
went in a bit over enthusiastic with the pick an mix it set me back £6.30 just
for his sweets!!!

I might just have indulged in a million calories but it was good! #baskinrobbins #icecreamsundae cinema trip to see #goosebumpsmovie x

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For Valentines hubbie and
I treated ourselves to an Iceland meal deal, it was a bargain for £10, the
fizzy rose brut drink was very nice and the meal was tasty, well worth the
price. We did not give each other
gifts, we always plough our money back into the house renovation or on stuff
the kids need. Guitar lessons started
this week so that’s another expense. I
would like it if we could spoil each other on these special occasions and it
feels slightly bah humbug not to, but one day it will be different, hopefully
our finances will not be tied so much around our property. But I am glad Iceland have such good deals
so even us frugal romantics can get caught up in the spirit of the day and
enjoy good food and good company!

Early #Valentines dinner from Iceland, all this for just shy of £10 x

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We had a new board game
to review; Dixit
went down very well when we were at my parents for dinner. We have also had a bubble machine to review,
which was perfect timing for half term, as I am grateful for anything to keep
my two boys occupied and out of mischief. 

we had friends over for a playdate, I feel weary tired now but the boys had a
lovely time so that’s what matters! Now
just to think up activities to keep them happy for the next few days…

15 thoughts on “Exciting News & Our Valentine Bargain

  1. Sounds like a fabulous week, well done on becoming Legoland Ambassadors, we've never been but i'm sure the kids would love it. I can't believe you got all that for £10, a great deal.

  2. Love that ice-cream sundae. It looks extremely special and delicious!! Plus, many congrats on the Legoland ambassadorship. That's so wonderful. Hope you have a fab time doing it (am sure you will!)

  3. Oh that's awesome news about being chosen, you must be absolutely thrilled. Legoland is ace, we always have a great time there. We don't do valentine's at all although part of that is because we met on the 13th February so it's like a non-wedding anniversary.

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