Gardening Plans

I want my children to get
outdoors as much as possible, with the weather warming slightly I like to see
them getting some fresh air and some distance from their computer games. There are ways to motivate them to get
involved, they like it when they have their own tools to help out in the
garden, the boys had some little gardening gloves and a trowel, rake and
watering can in just the right size for them to manage. They liked these sets very much and it did
seem to spur on an interest that was not there before.

Whenever they
do help whether its watering the plants or digging a little hole for seeds I
try and make a big fuss of them, ignoring the parts when they are not quite as
helpful (flinging soil everywhere or trying to water the dog!) so it’s a
positive experience. We have not got
the greenest of fingers so it’s a bit hit and miss the survival rate of plants
but still I like to preserve to see if we can get better! Whatever we buy though I want it to make the
garden look more presentable, we have lots of tarmac, as we have not addressed
the main issues in the garden yet. The tarmac was handy when they were learning to ride their bikes, but I would like to add more greenery soon.

I love these Sutton Seed’s Stacks
of Flavour range
space is not an issue in our garden, but we do not have
anywhere to plant as such that the dog has not commandeered as her personal
digging space and the rest is tarmac! If you give her rawhide
chews she heads off outdoors to hide them somewhere, so any seeds would get
disturbed as she buried her treats!

crates would make the garden look nicer until we could finally gate off some of
the garden from the dog. I have never
known a dog dig so much, but then again I never knew a dog that watched TV like
this one (she has a list of things she barks at other dogs, horses, goats and anyone
wearing a hoody or looking slightly shifty!). 
But I would not be without her, so instead we will look at ways to allow
her to dig but not quite so freely!!!

I really do want to get the garden sorted, it would be
lovely to grow our own vegetables from seeds I think it would be educational for the boys
learning where food comes from. It might
also encourage them to eat their vegetables more readily if they were involved
in the process of growing them. I do think
home grown taste nicer too, if we get the hang of it like my dear taid (granddad)
did then its amazing how much produce you can bring to the table without
relying on trips to the supermarket. Trips to the supermarket as best avoided with children as you always come home with other things, an expensive magazine, a new toy collectible or more sweets!

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