Having children can change your body

You might now have stretch marks (wear them proudly I
say!) and even with the best will in the world your pelvic floor muscles might
not be what they used too. Then your
boobs can become very painful and swollen you might find a cold fresh cabbage
becomes your new best friend! I also had problems with my stomach muscles coming apart,
the kindly midwife gave me exercises to follow but when you’re handling a
newborn it can be difficult to see beyond the next bottle-feed and nappy change
never mind schedule in anything elseโ€ฆ

I did my best and tried to focus on improving my stomach and pelvic floor
muscles, the pelvic floor muscles you can do quite discretely whilst relaxing
of an evening or if you have any downtime in the day whilst the baby naps try
and squeeze the muscles and release them again. Your pelvic floor muscles are the muscles around your bladder, vagina
and back passage so you need to focus your attention on squeezing that area as
if you’re stopping yourself going to the toilet but do not squeeze longer than
10 seconds.

The chances of urinary incontinence
are increased with pregnancy and giving birth vaginally according to the NHS
but do not be disheartened there are always methods to improve your
condition. Cutting back on caffeine and
alcohol can also help along with the all-important exercises. In the meantime it is also
surprising how discrete continence products are for the amount of fluid they
can hold.

The MoliMed Comfort Mini from Hartmann
has a working capacity of 140ml but is not much thicker than your
average sanitary pad brand. So whilst
you try and resolve the problem you know you can still go about your business
and no one (other than who you chose to tell) need know. Plus these look great to handle the initial
blood loss after giving birth, I had some big blood clots, which was quite
alarming, but as it happened in the first few days after birth it was nothing
to be concerned about apparently. If it
did continue its probably best to seek the advice of a doctor.

The time after giving birth
can be a big strain emotionally, feeling very up and down but if you tackle the
issues one by one they can become more manageable. Stock up on Incontinence
products if you need to but do continue to have a healthy diet, following the
midwives exercise recommendations and remember most women have been through the
exact some things before. Keep at the
back of your mind that it’s taken nine months of pregnancy to get to this point
so your body might not spring back immediately.

The biggest
surprise for me was the pain of the postpartum cramps as my uterus shrank back
to size for the first few days after I gave birth, I needed to take some pain
relief to take the edge off! 
Fortunately most changes to your body are temporary and this one was
over quite quickly.

For all the changes you might well face I would
not have it any other way because being handed your newborn is worth any amount
of pain and discomfort, everything else is a distant memory.

14 thoughts on “Having children can change your body

  1. It is amazing the pain we go through during childbirth but seeing that little person just takes it all away like it didnt happen.
    I had 2 c-sections for health reasons but I do remember the after pains, oh my goodness. so so worth it though ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That picture is adorable and I am aching just looking at it. I had such a hard time being pregnant and was just relieved to be over and done. I had 2 sections in the end

  3. Ahh what an adorable photo, just gorgeous. Thank goodness we love our babies unconditionally heh! My poor bod isn't quite the same – think its on sabbatical with my pelvic floor LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yes, it was a bit of a shock the first time after giving birth about all the after effects. What I didn't realise is that the post partum cramps are worse after each child

  5. I remember being given exercises by the midwives and health visitors to help my pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscles, but found it was much said than done when you're sleep deprived and focusing all of your time and energy on a newborn!

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