Hey, that’s my Fish! Review and Giveaway

that’s my Fish!
is a handy travel size game that’s lots of fun. You do take up a little bit of time to set
up the board, but you can follow the template in the instructions so it’s a bit
quicker that way, even better task your children with helping get the game
ready. Other than that it’s quite easy
to get the hang of, but just because the concept is simple does not mean the
game is boring! You really have to
think how best to move your penguins round the quickly depleting board.

It is pitched for children 8+ but
my almost 7 year old really enjoyed it, it is hard to find games that capture
his attention but he caught on to this one pretty quickly!

Each player has four coloured penguins and
the aim is to use them to collect as many fish as they can before they can no
longer move, this can happen quite quickly depending on how strategic the other
players are!

You play by moving in any
direction and when you are settled on your new ice floe you take the one you
initially started from, soon big gaps appear in the ice making it very hard to
navigate round. When you cannot move
you take the ice floe you were stuck on and then your penguin is out of the

The box is a handy size to take
away on holidays, very portable and a game that will keep up to four players
happily occupied whilst away from home.

I just aimed to target the three
fish then the two fish ice floe spaces before the boys. We ended the game with me having 36 points
and them 31 points each, so it was quite a close game really. Next time I think we will be doing more
blocking moves to restrict how much of the ice floe the other penguins can get

If you would like to win a copy of Hey, that’s my
Fish! please fill out the form below by the 24th of March, alternative you can buy your own copy from Amazon.

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