I long for a new bathroom

My least favourite room in the house is our bathroom, it
won’t be our only bathroom eventually but for now it is. It is a relic from the time when the house
was used for another purpose so the bathroom had fittings we would not normally
need already, ones more suited for assisted living, whether you were elderly,
disabled or of a more fragile nature. 
We had an assortment or grab rails and a drop down shower seat, we have
got rid of the majority of items but the holes remain where the fittings were
we need to rip out the whole bathroom and start again. I wish I could head to our bathroom as a welcome retreat but
its pretty grim, we probably would have been best leaving it as it was rather
than making a half hearted attempt at converting back to your average

I am not a huge fan of tiles, I think they get filthy so
quickly and are hard to clean and they seem to have gone a little overboard
with tiles in the room. I will
definitely be getting wall panels when we finally get the room sorted. The ones from the Bathroom Cladding Shop are
ideal the PVC
Wall Cladding
would make cleaning the bathroom a breeze instead of a chore
I desist!

It’s so simple to wipe down
and keep hygienic, something I worry about with all the tiles and horrid anti
slip flooring (that even with all the steaming mopping never looks remotely
clean!). New tiles always look lovely
with their nice white grout but they never last, soon getting discoloured and
requiring constant maintenance. I have
re-grouted in the bathroom before and it really helps to have a steady hand to
do a nice clean job! Mine is always a
little bit wonky or too thick in places, so for me getting panels is the
easiest option. Housework can be
tiresome so any quick fixes to make it simpler are to be snapped up!

Best of all you can even fit some wall panels directly
over your existing tiles; I can’t wait to see the back of them! The whole room needs gutting, a new radiator,
a proper shower not a walk in one that means water sprays everywhere! We somehow lost our bath panel too, there
was one when we moved in but I think when we were eager to fill out skip we got
a bit carried away and that made it there in error. A shame really as you can see everything under the bath then
instead of a sleek white finish! But
again I will just add it to my long, long list that just keeps on growing…

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