Introducing the Cuddleroar with a Competition

Children can be difficult to coax out of their bath, lets
be honest when they are surrounded by warm bubbly water and all their favourite
toys it can be tricky to get them to proceed with the bedtime routine… they are
comfortable and happy and see no reason to do otherwise!

Just showing them the Cuddleroar towel can
help as a motivation for them to dry off. 
The perfect encouragement to get a toddler to change into a dinosaur and
roar off to bed! Children love using
their imagination and transforming into new characters, dressing up is a big
part of growing up, so why stop when it comes to that precious time at the end
of the day. The towel is entertaining
but also very practical, the hood helps with the look of the creature they are
changing into whilst keeping their head warm and drying their hair. With Winter here its important not to let
your child get cold, it’s the season of sniffles and coughs so keeping them
wrapped up is one way of trying to keep them well.

These towels are 60% more
absorbent than pure cotton and have a natural antibacterial quality, making
bath time a breeze. I really wish I
could squeeze my two into Cuddleroar towels but they are growing at the rate of
knots and these towels are only suitable up to 3 years old so instead I thought
I would offer it as a fabulous giveaway for one of my lovely blog readers

The Cuddleroar is just one of the
many Cuddledry dress up towels you also have the Cuddlebug pink polka dot,
Cuddledeer, Cuddlemoo, Cuddlepaw, Cuddlepony and Cuddlesafari, so plenty to
appeal to whatever your little one likes. 
They are priced at £34.99 (except for the Cuddledeer which is currently
cheaper) but for the useful features and the fact they offer lots of fun for
your child I think it’s a price well worth paying.

To enter the competition please fill out the form
below by the 23rd of February.

Win a Cuddleroar dress up towel (£34.99)

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