Just 4 Kids Natural Deodorant Review & Competition

boys were very excited to try on their new deodorants from Just 4 Kids, youngest insisted I
have a whiff of his armpit afterwards as he was very happy with his chosen
fragrance. Two of the products
packaging have girls on them and two have boys, at first they made a beeline
for the boys ones but after smelling the girls ones too (Strawberry and Vanilla
Cream) they did not seem to care anymore what the packaging looked like because
the fragrances were very appealing!

As a parent I am very happy they are using a natural
product, my eldest son is asthmatic so its important he does not have an
aerosol as that might end up with him inhaling a fine mist of chemicals into
his lungs. It’s not often the children
agree with me lately but we all love these products, the scents are not
overpowering but very pleasant. The
boys feel more grown up having their own deodorants, hubbie had given eldest a
mini lynx spray but I was not overly keen on that arrangement. Now he has a product he is pleased with and
it ticks all the boxes for me as a concerned parent worried about his
health. £3.49 for that kind of peace of
mind is a small price to play.

You can tell these products have been developed by a mum
(and her two boys) because of the thought and care taken in their
manufacture. They are made from only
the finest and most gentle ingredients, no parabens, no alcohol and no aluminium. I also am glad they do not test any of their
products on animals, yet another reason to stock up on their fabulous

you would like the chance to win the four fragrances (Simply Gorgeous Vanilla
Cream, Simply Sporty Green Apple, Simply
Sporty Strawberry and Simply Cool Sea Breeze) please fill out the form
below by the 7th of March.

Win four Just 4 Kids Deodorants

Please do check out my other competitions to see what else you could win!

110 thoughts on “Just 4 Kids Natural Deodorant Review & Competition

  1. these sound so excellent for my grandchildren, and as they have taken after me and seem to be allergic to everything under the sun, especially parabens, sulphates etc, would love to win some to try, in the meantime, where can I buy them from, I would like to try them myself as they sound perfect for my allergy problems too!

  2. I love the fact that they leave out all the harmful ingredients like aluminium and the parabens. It's so important to alot of consumers to only use healthy, safe ingredients, as we absorb most of what we put on our body x

  3. First I have come across deodorants specifically for the kids. I would love these for the family to try out, particularly useful for the sporty individuals within the family.

    Rachel Craig

  4. These deodorants sound great. Natural & Gentle ingredients, great packaging and not tested on animals. My daughter has sensitive skin so this product would be perfect for her x

  5. These deodorants sound great. Natural & Gentle ingredients, great packaging and not tested on animals. My daughter has sensitive skin so this product would be perfect for her x

  6. My little boy often sees Mummy and Daddy using deoderants and asks to have some too but they aren't suitable for his delicate skin. These 'natural' products are lovely and gentle with really nice child friendly smells so would be perfect for him.

  7. I didnt know there was some designed specifically for kids. I have a teen who drenches herself in spray every morning. I do worry about the chemicals etc in the stuff she is putting on her skin. My youngest is far more aware of how things react to her as her skin is so sensitive.

  8. Great idea and a really good stepping stone for preteens and teens to use before adult deodorants become necessary.

  9. I had a body odour problem when I was a child, and it was incredibly hard for me. I was bullied throughout primary school, and that still lives with me today. I think this product is an excellent idea and what I could have done with!

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