My Holland & Barrett #GoodSleep Challenge & Giveaway

When I was offered a sleep bag
from Holland & Barrett
crammed with products to help with sleep and relaxation I must admit I was
eager to get involved in the challenge and see what I would find inside.

#hollandandbarrett sent me the sleeping bag crammed with products to help me switch off, let the #sleep challenge commence x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 8, 2016 at 10:24am PST

According to the included press release 70%
of Britons do not get the recommended seven hours sleep a night; I am
definitely in that figure so wanted to investigate my options. With it being National Sleep Awareness Week
from the 6th of March I thought it would be worthwhile sharing my
experiences with my blog readers and hopefully give you some guidance about
what you could try yourself to improve matters.

#GoodSleep with #hollandandbarrett competition launching on my blog today to win your own Sleeping Bag πŸ˜ƒ x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 17, 2016 at 12:42pm PST

I do tend to worry about my
workload and the cost of sorting out our house so find it hard to nod off in
the first place. The children then help
contribute to my disturbed nights with illnesses (fake and real) and
nightmares/trips to the loo/requests for water (basically any excuse to get
back out of bed!). Then any time from
the crack of dawn you have (un)welcome visitors back at your bedside coaxing
you to get up when you finally feel like you’re in a deep contented sleep! Then starts the progress to haul yourself
out of bed and try and get through the day as best as you can on depleted
energy levels.

It really comes as no surprise my
blog is called Missing Sleep, but I was determined to try and change things and
I certainly had plenty of choice to help me along the way. The Lavender products were my first port of
call, I found the fragrance very soothing and I do enjoy a bath as a means to
unwind, then a spritz of the sleep mist finishes me off quite nicely and I am
ready to be tucked up in bed feeling much calmer and ready to drift off.

There were so many different
items to test though that I gave a few to my mum who sleeps even worse than
me! It’s not unheard of for her to be
awake until 5am quite regularly. 
Between us we were resolute that we could tackle our sleep troubles head
on. I prefer going down the calming
bath route with the lavender products but my mum was happy to try anything, so
she has been popping back the supplements for me. She has started with the Valerian Plus tablets (Β£9.99 for 30
tablets) but its worth bearing in mind it can take a couple of weeks to see a
significant improvement, she has had a bit more sleep than normal so I think
that’s a step in the right direction. 
My mum also enjoyed the taste of the new Holland & Barrett’s Creamy
Camomile Cocoa (Β£4.99), I think this is a great option if you like cocoa but
are not normally a fan of the taste of herbal teas but want to benefit from
their calming properties.

I never realised how
comprehensive the range of available sleep products were, I would recommend
heading to Holland & Barrett and seeing what you could buy to take the edge
off, soothe away anxiety and encourage a deeper sleep. I have another sleep bag (worth over Β£70) to
giveaway so if you too have sleep problems of any kind please do enter this
competition. It will close on the 22nd
of March just fill in the form below to be included.

Win over Β£70 worth of products to help you sleep

294 thoughts on “My Holland & Barrett #GoodSleep Challenge & Giveaway

  1. I suppose it would be frowned upon if I said wine…? πŸ˜‰

    Seriously though, I more often rely on a long, warm soak in the bath followed by a chapter or 2 of a book.
    Lovely prize, I hope whoever wins really benefits from this cracking bundle x

  2. I use This Works Lavender Pillow Spray and I get to bed a few hours before I intend to fall asleep. I try to turn off social media (doesn't always work that) and read if I need to get up early the next day. @juju_carbo

  3. I have no idea, I'm still trying to get there! I make sure I keep the room well ventilated and I spray some lavender pillow spray, but my Fitbit still tells me that I only get 4 hours sleep a night!

  4. No worries or concerns. Quiet, peaceful, relaxing and comfortable place to sleep. Having had some exercise / activity earlier in the day. A nourishing snack before settling to bed. Something nice to look forward to the next day, find I tend to sleep better when on holiday.

    Rachel Craig

  5. I can get to sleep better if I go through the relaxation process that I was taught at antenatal classes many moons ago. I live with constant pain so my muscles tend to tighten and tense, going through a tense & release checklist helps me consciously relax

  6. Herbal Tea, i fall asleep quite quick, but i wake up several times of the night, i never sleep through, so when i wake up im so tired.

  7. having a good sleep mask on to block out any light and a nice warm drink about an hour before while reading a good book πŸ™‚

  8. I've had sleep studies done in hospital. See a neurologist and get referred. It was found that my body jerks me awake all night so I have two sorts of medication and sleep a lot better, but still wake up in the night if stressed.

  9. when we have a "well" house. Someone in our house always seems to be poorly, we all pass it round each other…. I worry when my babies are poorly, so I dont sleep well xx

  10. No TV's in the bedroom and no mobile phones either,read a book,unwind and I always have a window open for fresh air,even on the coldest night,it really does help you gat a good nights sleep x

  11. I have trouble staying awake, pesky MS, but my partner has problems sleeping. She's tried all sorts, but nothing is guaranteed to work at all. I know she would love to try some new ideas.

  12. I have a terrible sleep pattern. At the moment, I sleep at all funny hours and nothing seems to help me GET to sleep. I currently use essential oils on my pillow and these seem to help to relax more.

  13. i cant fall asleep without an audio book, i love listening to books in bed, i have one of those pillows with a speaker inside, so not to disturb the hubby. only prob is i tend to fall asleep and wake up 5 or 6 chapters later πŸ™‚

  14. Having a pen and paper next to my bed, so if I remember something I can just write it down and then try and expel it from my mind – rather than worrying I'll have forgotten it by morning and thus not being able to sleep!

  15. What would help me sleep better is a husband who doesn't toss and turn all night. He suffers from glaucoma and his eyedrops interrupt his sleep patterns.

  16. Making the room really dark helps me – even covering the LED lights on the bedside radio.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  17. Nothing at the moment,Ive tried all the tricks but nothing works,my brain wont shut down,Ive even tried sleeping tablets,so I would definitely give this a go

  18. I have aspergers and and severe anxiety, also CFS/ME since a virus twelve years ago which means I'm stuck in bed lots unable to move far or even sit up or stand for long, so I usually sleep very little (but no pain at least). I have always taken at least three hours to sleep even at my best as a teenager, and now as an adult it can take between three and sixteen hours to sleep! Then I wake early, worried about money since I am unable to work and there is very little support from this government if you have multiple health problems, OCD and so on. No worry about money would help, kindness would help, a comfortable mattress and pillow I cannot afford to replace would help, reading (esp about animals! I love animals!) can help (but I am rarely well enough since ME, since even when I have rare catch up sleeps it affects concentration greatly, but hey! I am getting better mentally if not physically, I am mostly housebound and bedridden) and a Lee Mead lookalike to cuddle up to would be nice as well! Meanwhile I struggle on trying not to have caffeine or screen time too late. Peace and quiet from my neighbour would also – she's a lovely lady, but is usually up past one or two with very loud telly/radio, since she is rather deaf – god know's when she sleeps, because it is on a lot during the day too, as well as many visitors next door, her barking terrier, radio blasting old fashioned rubbish – like her very much, don't get me wrong, but I'm lucky swines in detached houses sleep better! Cate G

  19. I always sleep with an eyeshade and earplugs. My husband snores terribly, and I hate getting woken up too early when the days are longer, as then I find it hard to go back to sleep.

  20. Using earphones I listen to the podcast of The Archers, followed by Woman's Hour or my current audio-book having set the timer on my ipad for one hour!

  21. Reading a book, but with 4 children I don't often get time. I'm always thinking of everything I have to fit into the day and then I usually go to bed later than I should!

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