My Second School Fundraiser

My latest (and last!) kids bingo session raised £315, so
my two events made a combined total of just over £1000 to help the boys
school. I think I made less the second
time round as the timing was not so good with people away on holiday over the
half term, so something to consider if you have plans on hosting a fundraiser at some point in the future. But the funds will still be a
welcome addition regardless and by and large those that attended really enjoyed
themselves at the event. Youngest seen
here with our friend was in his element.

would like to extend a big thank you to my contributors this time round.
donated a rather snazzy skateboard
(£34.95). Lots of the bingo players had
their eye on it, but my eldest came up trumps and spent the rest of the bingo
game sat on it glowing with happiness looking more than a little smug about his
win! Skates have a fabulous choice of
products so if you’re after a skateboard, scooter or skates they are a great
place to start shopping.

WOW Toys have lovely British designed toys
with children’s developmental needs in mind. 
They very kindly sent the Bathtime Friends set (£29.99) which is
guaranteed to make bath time lots more interesting and fun! My children are always eager to have a bath
but not all children are the same, those that are more reluctant will soon come
round when introduced to this lovely WOW Toys set. No batteries are required which is always a bonus and this set is
ideal for imaginative play with the bobbing boats, a squirting fireboat and
four figures for exciting bath time adventures.

Drumond Park came to the
rescue with some of their most popular board games, Og on the Bog, Sshh Don’t
Wake Dad, Articulate for Kids! and Logo What Am I?. We have reviewed all these games and were only to happy to offer
them up as bingo prizes, the boys love Og on the Bog especially because its
very cheeky fun with Og farting away! 
Children love toilet humour so let them get it out of their system by
playing this game.

Fisher Price sent a
selection of different items including the Laugh and Learn Smart Stages
Teaching Tote which has learning content that adapts with the age of your
child. With songs, words and phrases
there is plenty to amuse and entertain them up to stage three where early
role-play is encouraged. It is a sturdy
well-made toy that will appeal to both girls and boys. Children will enjoy having their own bag to
carry the included book and apple rattle.

Games sent their Timeline range
pitched for children 8+; it’s a great way to get them thinking about what
happened when and trying to put the cards in the right point of a chronological
line. They have six themes currently
available (Inventions, Science & Discoveries, Historical Events, General
Interest, Music & Cinema and Star Wars) with another coming out in autumn this
year (British History).

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