My Summer Dress Lyst

I am fed up feeling cold now so thought I would focus on
the warmer months ahead instead by thinking how I could refresh my wardrobe for
spring and summer. To be honest I think
I should breakaway from wearing the same type of outfit everyday, usually I can
be found in jeans and a hoodie or depending on how warm it is possibly shorts
and a t-shirt of some description but it would be nice to have a wider choice
of clothes to pick from.

My friends that I am close to now
wear lovely clothes, we are planning more nights out and trips away so it would
be a good idea to pick out some dresses for those new occasions so I could feel
as confident as my friends. I have been
looking on Lyst as I am pretty clueless
when it comes to fashion, I know what I like of course but it might not be what
is in style of the moment. Least by
looking on here even I cannot go far wrong, Lyst is like a personal shopping
experience but without having to leave the comfort of your own home or feel you
are under the scrutiny of another person. 
Some of the designs are very bold so if you want a more unique look this
is the place to find it. Vivid colours
are one of the trends for this spring and Lyst certainly have plenty of dresses
with that description to pick from! 
Keep an eye out for ruffles, stripes and sheer pretty dresses.

Here are a few of my favourite
dresses from the site, although in real life I probably would have to save hard
before I could buy two of them. But I
am sure my readers have different budgets so possibly could benefit from this list or at least have some dresses you can day dream
about, the one in the £1000+ price frame most likely!

It would be worth the cut backs
to get my hands on the Green Crystal Embellished Mint Jungle Bloom
Gown (£1295), the beautiful dress with embroidered crystals around the waist
would keep hubbie’s eyes firmly on me helping him forget all his work stresses
of late. I have never really splurged
on myself but I could quite happily do so without feeling guilty to get hold of
a dress like that. Being backless is
perfect for the warmer weather, when you feel more carefree and happy, not
covered up in a million and one layers, a hat and gloves!

If you want something
with stripes this Black Harbor Dress is very affordable at £82, light and
sleeveless it is ideal for a warm summer, you can look stylish without being
uncomfortable in the heat.

The print on the multicolor
‘zoe’ Leaf Print Waist Tie Silk Dress (£310) is very striking, the dress
seems to gather in all the right places too so will compliment your
figure. You have a vivid pattern
without it being too overboard with colour, great if you want a compromise for this spring trend.

I feel more excited for spring and summer now!

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