Our Weekend: New Parents & A Pantomime

has been reading The Parent Agency over the weekend and has now decided he
wants new parents so thanks for that David Baddiel… his choice is sweet shop owners! Although if he lived in a sweet shop I doubt
they would ever make a profit as he would be too eager to eat up all the
products! I hope his “new parents” also
know a good dentist.

has since asked if I can have our builder round and get a quote for him to have
a small sweet shop installed in his large bedroom, he has already planned where
he will move things so he can squeeze it in. 
He said he is going to start saving right away… I was quite impressed
with his entrepreneurial nature until I learnt he planned to just eat all the
sweets with his friends and not actually sell any…

weekend was a wash out in terms of weather but we went to a pantomime so had
lots of fun anyway.

Fab time had at the #panto x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 6, 2016 at 10:35am PST

I really enjoy
watching shows with the boys are they sit avidly watching everything, the
script was very entertaining lots of giggles for the adult’s included that went
right over the kids heads thankfully! 
They always invite children on stage to join in with one of the songs
and they got a bit overwhelmed with how many clambered on to the stage this
year! I think half the children in the
audience must have wanted their moment of fame (although I think most were
driven by the packet of sweets they get presented at the end!).

break from flyball this week, which timed in well with the pantomime, but I
thought I would share this little video of how our dog is getting on. She is starting to get the hang of jumping
over the hurdles, what you didn’t see was her return she did have the ball
which is something but she decided to bypass the hurdles completely on the way
back (so she still has work to do!).

#flyball getting the hang of it #dogsoninstagram x

A video posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 8, 2016 at 12:41am PST

has not had the best nights sleep so I am running on empty today! I would normally top up on sugar (cakes and
chocolate) but I am trying to be good. 
Hubbie is also trying to eat more healthily but it is making him proper
grumpy, I think his body is having withdrawal symptoms.

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  1. Oh I am fed up of my little one saying he wants new parents, overtime something doesn't go his way. It's driving me potty! I love a good panto x

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