#SkylandersSuperChargers New Wave of Characters & Vehicles

were sent the Skylanders SuperChargers Wii game back in December and eldest thinks it’s better than Mario
Kart, which is a testament to how good a game it really is! They especially like the sheep stacking
game, trying to avoid the black sheep which is the same as a ticking bomb! Youngest enjoys shooting the other vehicles
more than trying to do well in the race, but fortunately eldest usually
finishes first so they still advance.

were very pleased to be sent the new wave of figures and vehicles to continue
their Skylanders SuperChargers adventure in style.

Loving the new additions to Skylanders SuperChargers thank you @SkylandersGame #skylanderssuperchargers x

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It’s not vital but obviously more fun if you buy additional vehicles
and then their signature characters so they can be supercharged giving
them a significant advantage in the race, the Splatter Splasher got a propeller at the back when it had its accompanying player racing.

I have taken a picture to give you some idea how much a difference it makes, the Blunder Bucket looks better than it is though as the character itself is improving the stats, it if you used an old character from a precious game you can play with it but it does not seem to add any bonus to the race.

When you need to finish in the top three to collect a star and need so many
stars to unlock doors to progress along your racing journey so any bonus you can get is a good thing! You
can still continue through the game but get stuck with a rusty old bucket of a
vehicle if you have nothing for land or water whilst having vehicle envy over what
your opponents are driving!!! At a bare
minimum you should really buy a vehicle capable of driving on land, flying in
the air (one of these came in our initial pack) and sailing on water.

you want to unlock all the stars (by playing easy, medium and difficult modes)
its easier if you have an amazing vehicle to give you a helping hand. As you play your characters and vehicles get
powerful upgrades, like armour or handling boosts making finishing in the top three
more likely!

latest wave sees Splat the fighting artist, Big Bubble Pop Fizz and Lava Lance
Eruptor joining your merry band of racers. 
I love seeing our old favourites remodelled into new versions (Pop Fizz
and Eruptor), the boys have quite a vast collection of Skylanders and especially
like the ones they have played with over a few games. The
new vehicles look just as impressive; eldest loved how Shield Strikers wheels
could be moved in real life too!

have a competition to giveaway Splat, Big Bubble Pop Fizz, Lave Lance Eruptor
and the Thump Truck vehicle, even if you do not have the game yet its well
worth entering as it can be picked up for only £21 on the Wii U and £24 on the
XBOX360 from Amazon at the moment! A
steal at that price, quick order it for half term if you want some peace and

enter the competition please fill out the form below by the 2nd of

Win 3 figures and 1 vehicle from Skylanders SuperChargers

do see what other competitions
I am hosting.

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