Squid Soap Review & Competition

We were sent a bottle of Squid Soap, I really love the look of this
new handwash; its design is so appealing to children and just the thing to
motivate them to take a greater interest in hygiene whilst having lots of fun
in the process. The bottle has a
colourful squid on it, my youngest wants to keep this when the product runs
out! They really have put a lot of
thought into the development of this bottle to capture the attention of your

It’s very important to encourage a good hand washing
routine because it helps keep germs at bay, since my boys have used Squid Soap
I have never seen them so excited to wash their hands. They enjoyed adding the stamp to their hand
before lathering up and washing it away. 
It certainly makes sure they wash their hands for longer not just a
token rinse before they dash off to whatever they were in the middle of.

I have never seen a product like this
before, its unique and intriguing, something entirely new that children will be
eager to try. Unfortunately some
children skip washing their hands completely but I think with a bottle of Squid Soap in your bathroom they will be keen to consistently wash their hands.

Squid Soap is all about supporting your child to be a
great hand washer and they have managed to achieve that with the design of
their revolutionary product. The stamp
can be removed quite easily but it acts as an incentive to wash hands properly. Hand washing is the best way to stay well,
so buying this affordable product makes good sense. I do not like seeing my boys poorly so I am happy to try anything
that will help stop the spread of germs.

If you would like to win two bottles please fill out
the form below by the 28th of March.

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  1. Looks great fun. My great-niece and great-nephew are going through the "I don't want to wash my hands" stage and when they've been "playing out" in the garden especially we need them to do so.

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