Still a way off with the renovation

I have always wanted a bigger
bedroom; our previous one in the last house was quite small, so small we could
not even fit our wardrobes in to it. We
had chosen to give the bigger room to our eldest instead, so he had more space
for all his toys, books and games. Our
new house has LOTS of space in our intended bedroom; we had two rooms made into
one. Currently it has no ceiling, but
at least the supporting beam is in place between the rooms! We have a long way to go, eventually I have
quite grand plans, I love the idea of a master bedroom like you find in fancy

We always had a five-year plan
for this house, but we have been here almost two and still have a considerable
way to go. Sadly we have had so much to
focus on the exterior so we are behind schedule, but I long for our master
bedroom to be completed. For now the
door remains closed, it’s too cold to do anything but that with the drafts from
the roof. Eventually though I will move
our super king bed in there, add a sofa to look out from the other windows and
update the en-suite bathroom that is currently so dated and old. Our wardrobes can be used in another room,
as we will have the space to add fitted bedroom
like that available from Betta Living.

I do not regret buying this
house; I guess we always knew it would be a big project. In some respects it’s quite a beautiful
house in a lovely location. It just
needs so much TLC to get it in a better condition, without maintenance the
precious occupants let it slide. They
might have kept it freshly painted, but they did not upkeep the outside,
windows let in water, the stonework needed re-pointing and the chimneys to be
fixed. But it’s nice to have something
to aim for, even if it’s so far off. 
Hopefully with each year we not only improve the condition of the house
but also make our lives more comfortable. 

Now the flashing
has stopped the leaks it is worth planning ahead with project master
bedroom. At least getting some idea of
costs from the builder and for fitted furniture, I like looking at designs,
because we have so much more freedom this time round. In the house of old our options were very limited! Aside from hubbie and I getting bunk beds I
do not know how we could have made more of the room we had.

I quite like the Shaker bedroom, so much space for storage and very fresh and airy feel with the light colours.

Or the Portafino as the white fitted furniture then looks lovely with some black chairs and accessories. It is thrilling being at this stage looking through designs even if it might be a while till we action them!

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