Stress busting tips for busy mums

are times when family life can be a little hectic. As a busy mum, you may find
yourself feeling stressed because of having very little time to relax and
unwind. However, it is important that you try to make a little time just for
yourself. You can combat stress and enjoy a few moments of peace in many ways…

The first step is to try to
find opportunities to take some time out. Even if it is just for 15-minutes,
taking a little break will help you to feel a little more relaxed. If your
children are at nursery or school during the day, consider organising a regular
coffee morning. This will enable you to relax and spend some quality time
catching up with friends. Alternatively, if you would rather have some quality
time just to yourself, consider treating yourself to a good book or magazine so
that you can put your feet up for ten minutes.

Learning to have me time, tea, homemade chocolate cake (courtesy of the baking hubbie) and some chicklit x

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If you find that your schedule is far too busy to fit
in any breaks, then consider changing it. One of the best ways to combat stress
is to try to make each task easier to complete. Make a list of things that you
need to do for the day or select a particular day for completing tasks. Having
children means that you will constantly be busy with chores such as washing and
ironing clothes and shopping. However, by assigning these tasks to a particular
day, you can free up one or two hours on other days to relax. Set a particular
day for doing the washing and the weekly shop.

Taking regular walks is also a great way to
de-stress. Exercise not only helps to boost your health but also your
wellbeing. Try to fit a daily walk or a brisk run into your schedule, even if
it is just for ten minutes a day. The perfect time to do this would be when the
children are at school or nursery. Even if you choose to just relax in your
garden for a few minutes, the fresh air is sure to help you de-stress and
improve your mood.

Having plenty of natural light in your home can also
help to combat stress. Dark, dingy rooms can feel cramped and will affect your
mood. By filling your home with natural light, you create bright, airy,
spacious rooms and provide a much more comfortable living environment for
yourself and your family. Shutters are a great way to incorporate more natural
light into your home. You can choose from a wide variety of shutters, including
wooden shutters for doors,
which will provide you with plenty of control over light and privacy.

making a little time for yourself in your busy schedule, you can combat stress
and make the pressures of family life a little more bearable. Taking a few
minutes to relax will help you to feel refreshed and leave you feeling ready to
tackle the next task on your list.

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