Surviving Valentines Alone

have faced Valentines as part of a couple for the last 9 years, but before
hubbie I had a few as a singleton. It
can be a tough time of year if everyone is ramming romance down your throat
when you feel very much left on the shelf! 
All you hear is the details of the fancy restaurants coupled friends
intend to visit, the luxurious hotel stays they have booked or even the odd
proposal they have planned to perfection.

can get a bit much when ALL the couples around you are gooey-eyed with each
other and you have no hot date for the 14th of February! Well why not think of it as the perfect
excuse to be all about YOU! Rather than
sulk when you see your colleagues accept their latest beautiful flower
delivery, make life more exciting for you.

about making up a Valentines Survival Pack to break open in emergency, filled
with contents much like the ones I have shown in the picture. Hot drinks, perhaps a cheeky alcoholic
beverage, some chocolates and
some bubble
to pop when it because particularly hard to cope with and you need instant stress relief. Avoid anything romantic to watch, go for
something heavy on action.

chuck in some indulgent pampering goodies too, a facemask and some bubble
bath. According to the Office
for National Statistics the UK has 1.65m single men and 1.27m single women, so
why not spoil yourself until you find your soul mate, there are plenty out
there just bide your time (although with those figures it sounds more
reassuring to be a girl, better odds!). 
But do not let the time of year alter your mood, suck it up and make a
fuss of yourself. The illusions of
romantic grandeur you think everyone is having might not even be quite the

you happen to be facing Valentines alone you certainly would not be envious of
me. By the time the kids are shipped
off to bed I have no energy left, I just want to collapse on the sofa and be
left in peace… I would like to be
solely responsible for the TV remote, which would be a gift in itself.

So for those of you alone on the 14th
make the most of the freedom to watch whatever you want without a partner
interfering. I still have series three
of Downton Abbey to catch up on, but hubbie has other ideas!

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