SweetPea Pantry Pancakes & Competition

Shrove Tuesday on the horizon (9th of February) and a dinner
consisting of pancakes to look forward to on that day we were eager to review
the SweetPea Pantry pancake mix
and get some practise in before hand. 
If you are unfamiliar with the brand we would definitely recommend them.

have made pancakes in the past but they have never turned out particularly
well, however these pancakes were thick and tasty, easy to prepare just adding
two eggs and milk to the wholesome mix. 
They turned out perfectly each and every time, the only reason I did not
get a picture of a stack of them together was because they were too appetising
to wait, we all wanted to eat them warm straight out of the pan!

Enjoying #sweetpeapantry #pancakes #glutenfree x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 2, 2016 at 11:12am PST

mix is full of healthy ingredients SweetPea Pantry all about getting more
goodness they do this with the protein-rich buckwheat and quinoa
flours; bringing you vitamins, calcium and iron, Omega-3 loaded, heart-friendly flaxseed and tiny teff grains
for fibre, calcium, iron and vitamin C. 
If you are worried about what you eat and like looking for healthier
alternatives then SweetPea Pantry is a great place to focus your attentions.

were a bit naughty and sprinkled sugar on top along with the lemon juice and
sultana’s, we would do that normally so at least the pancake itself was
healthier than ones we would usually eat, so I didn’t feel quite as
sinful! If you wanted to though you
could of course continue with the healthy theme and top with fruit and yoghurt
possibly with a drizzle of honey.

youngest gives the pancake mix a thumbs up seal of approval.

would definitely buy this mix again as I would love to try savoury pancakes
next time topping them with ham and melted cheese would make a tempting meal
for everyone in the family. Having had
such a successful experience with this mix I think it will be difficult to
return to our usual (very hit and miss) approach to pancake making! I think it’s worth spending that bit more
(Β£4.99) for a 100% natural product that creates pancakes that everyone will
enjoy with less of the fuss of weighing out ingredients in the process.

Pantry is ideal to visit if you want to start baking with your children but you
want to do it as simply as possible. 
Baking with children can be quite stressful as your trying to get them
to measure out the ingredients they end up tipping the whole bag of flour in by
mistake or it ends up all over the floor… so anything that makes it a tad
easier can only be a good thing.

can either buy the products direct from their website or pick them up at Ocado
or M&S. I would like to try the
biscuits next so feel an order coming on but before you rush off to do the same
please enter my competition first. I
have a lovely selection of SweetPea Pantry products to giveaway to one lucky
winner, if you fancy getting your hands on a Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix, Super Oat Flapjack
Mix, Playful Pizza Dough Mix and Chocolate Giggles & Ginger Giggles Biscuit
Mixes the please fill out the form below by the 24th of February.

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208 thoughts on “SweetPea Pantry Pancakes & Competition

  1. Oh, yum, another foodie giveaway. Thank you. The mixture looks as though it is sufficiently nutrient-rich to be almost an entire meal. WEll, that would my excuse for eating lots of pancakes!

  2. It is great to see more gluten free brands out there. It is good as it means we don't have to miss out on nice things such as pancakes and snacks. Definitely will try this brand. (@PeanutHog)

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