Win a Grit 2016 Atom Scooter

I have my bumper
giveaway for Valentines
for the grownups but how about a competition for
the younger girls out there, although as I am later putting this one up I will
leave it open for longer so you get plenty of time to enter and get your hands
on this rather fabulous prize!

I have two boys myself so this would be just the gift to
endear them to the ladies at school! 
Eldest has his eye on a couple of girls but I am not sure if they have
noticed him yet, I think if he turned up with one of these amazing scooters
tied in an elaborate bow they soon would! 
I was at the skate park today and lots of children were playing on the ramps
on bikes and scooters, it seemed important to them to have a good looking one
even at this young age just to impress their friends and have a better chance
of doing decent stunts!

It’s hard when you’re in a big class, especially mixed
year group ones, half the girls his age are in a completely separate classroom,
so you really have to pull out all the stops!!! He has written a valentine card before but nothing grander than
that (yet!), I guess it will only be a matter of time, seeing as he has already
picked out a girl to invite to his prom (only 2 and a half years early
mind!). He has plans for a limousine
and flowers; I dread to think of the expense… (Perhaps I should start saving

can read all about the prize worth Β£64.95 on the
, but suffice to say it’s a great looking scooter, a bright pink
colour that children will really love.

It’s a lightweight scooter so easy to manoeuvre and this model has been
tweaked this year so it’s better than ever. 
It sounds quite robust so perfect for children who tend to be a bit
heavy handed!

you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 25th
of February.

Win a Grit 2016 Atom Scooter

not see what other competitions
I am hosting, there are plenty of prizes to be won.

169 thoughts on “Win a Grit 2016 Atom Scooter

  1. Only just found tour blog this morning but i love it already especially like the Borneo review as ill never get there myself but from your review and photos ive just been! Great comp my 4 kids would love playing on this together.

  2. Spring is not far away hopefully and for our Grandaughter it is out and about on bikes, skateboards and this lovely scooter, fingers crossed so we can hassle the daffodils in the park on this great prize.

  3. Another fab giveaway. Thank you very much indeed. I rather fancy joining the children when they are scooting. Or is it scootering?

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