Comotomo Bottle & Teether Competition

My baby days are behind me but I thought my followers might
appreciate this competition anyway. Comotomo design their
products with so much thought and attention to detail, the teether is the
perfect shape to be handled by little fingers, a
manageable size but still long enough to even help those pesky back
molars. With four different prongs
it’s easy to grab and provide relief for those grumpy teething troubles that
bother your little one. The raised bumps also help with a different texture in their mouth.

Usually teethers can be quite hard but this one
looks very soft and comfortable for their tender gums. Reassuringly their products are BPA free so
you do not need to worry about any nasty toxins harming your precious child. These teethers are very simple to clean, they are made from Silicone
that is easy to sterilise at high temperatures (even by conveniently chucking it into the

There are so many different teethers available on
the market that it’s hard to know which one to pick! But Comotomo seem to have developed a truly successful concept. It is very simple to look at but extremely effective nonetheless,
which is the most important thing.

My eldest had tongue-tie and I did not manage to
breastfeed successfully, on top of that the transition to a bottle can be
complicated too, some babies simply refuse to bottle-feed. The Comotomo bottles sounds amazing, they
have mimicked the mound shape and nipple feel of a mother’s breast
so your baby hopefully adjusts quicker as it’s a more subtle transition. The bottles are soft so little ones can get
a better grip when they are feeding. 
The dual anti-colic vent makes colic a thing of the past as air goes
in but only milk comes out, meaning you have a much more comfortable and
contented baby.

If you would like a chance of wining these two prizes please fill out the form below by the 9th of April.
Win a Comotomo Bottle & Teether

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