Dealing with Childhood Acne

My hubbie had a big problem with
acne growing up, his back was badly scarred because he had so many spots and
did not get help from the doctor in time. 
Sometimes bless him he does not like going swimming without a t-shirt
because it bothers him, people might stare. 
I am so used to it now, I don’t even notice it anymore, but when we were
first together I wondered what on earth had happened to his back. I had never seen anything like it, after all
acne can be quite mild. I was reading
this NHS
and it confirmed what hubbie had experienced, he should have been
given antibiotics but he did not built up the courage to get it resolved in

Some spots are pretty sadly acne ones are
not! They are red and inflamed, painful

It must have been so tender for
him when he was growing up, I mean most teenagers are used to dealing with the
odd break out of spots but this was something all together different, on a much
bigger scale. When he was growing up he
did not feel comfortable raising the topic with his dad and the acne got a
little out of control, it’s a condition you need to deal with quite quickly to
avoid permanent scarring.

I hope our boys feel they can
approach us about anything, but because hubbie was prone I will be keeping a
close eye on them and fingers crossed we can tackle it before it leads to
lasting scarring. The article said acne
runs in families, so its very important I get my boys to feel happy to discuss

I will be getting advice from the
doctor and if needed even investing in acne treatment
because I know how much it can affect you growing up. My hubbie might not have suffered so much if he had this kind of
revolutionary treatment.

The cost of treatment can be expensive so its worth first just seeing your doctor straight away to see what a difference it can make, don’t suffer
on in silence, get the cream and the antibiotics, look into your other options
if needed especially if it’s causing you discomfort and your worried about
lasting scarring. I know how its
impacted my hubbie so I would never want my boys to have to deal with that if
there is help available.

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