February #degustaboxuk

my January
I was very excited to see what would be in store for us with my
February one. You do feel the thrill of
anticipation when you see the trademark box and slowly work your way through
the contents. I make a point of not
reading what was on its way so it’s more of a surprise!

really is potluck but I think we hit the jackpot with this box; I was
absolutely delighted with the contents. 
It had lots of appetising snacks, ideal for my two hungry boys; the
jelly, divine chocolate bars and Mr. Kipling oaty cakes went down very
well! Maybe next time I should open my
Degustabox in secret so they do not claim the best bits!!! It’s hard to be the official tester of the
family when they only leave me their scraps at the very end!

Quite excited by my latest #degustabox lots I am happy to try x

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Nutribix wholegrain cereal (£3.79) was want the boys wanted for breakfast every
morning, they usually attend a breakfast club but they were insistent they
needed their morning Nutribix fix before they went off to school. I like the fact they are getting something
wholesome and filling that I know they still enjoy, so no coaxing reluctant
eaters of a morning. We will be adding
this to our next food shop!

Beloved Date bars I gave to my mum she is trying to be good now and these
cereal bars had lots of great flavours whilst still being 100% natural with no
added sugar! The ideal option as my mum
tries to wean herself back off cake and chocolate.

Divine caramel bars will also be bought again, I managed to claim a couple of
chunks before the boys quickly devoured the rest; the milk chocolate variety is
heavenly. Such an indulgent treat and
just what I needed when the boys were running around like lunatics – ideally
put the kettle on and sneak off to enjoy the WHOLE bar of this in peace! It’s too nice to share.

My hubbie made light work of the Ritz Crisp & Thin
potato snack and the London Crisp Company hand cooked crisps, eldest did
grumble that he did not have a chance to sample these! So we will have to keep an eye out and buy
more when we are next shopping. Yes I
can safely say everyone in the family found something they enjoyed and if
anything I am even more excited about what food and drink delights March might

remember the code BLDEG15 gives you a remarkable £6 discount off Degustabox. Given we had Hartley’s – Jelly pot, Sarsons – Malt vinegar, Mr Kipling – Exceedingly good cakes, Beloved
Dates – Date bars, Nutribix – Nutribix
Cereal, London Crisps Company– crisps, Divine – Caramel bars, James White Drinks – Carrot
Juice, Vit Hit – drink, Britvic – J2O Spritz and Ritz – Crisp & Thin
included this time, it is excellent value.

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