Feeling Nostalgic

I have been feeling a bit
nostalgic looking through old blog posts from when I first started
blogging.  I never wrote as many
personal ones as some bloggers do (which is a shame really) but even so I found
a few gems that made me chuckle to myself. 
Children grow up so fast its lovely to have a few memories of the things
they said when they were little to return to.
I found one from 2012 about their favourite animals, eldest loved bunnies because they
can dig underground and not die from lava….
Youngest adored lions because
they have medicine for a stomach ache, they draw with pens and they go in a
A memory that would have
be lost if I had not documented it down.
Another one I liked was
this post about how children think my littlest answered why do tigers
Because they have a face! 
They do make me laugh.
And for that all-important question we
struggle with “what came first chicken or egg?”
[Youngest] the egg, mummy one can fly it
on their wing, for a little bit, then went on a van then went on a rocket for a
little bit loads and went weeee!
Why does it get dark at night?

 [Eldest] because it’s 7 o clock

 (you can tell I was quite regimented
with bedtime!)

Why do people get married?
[Youngest] Because they are old

I also asked my eldest his own twenty
If your mummy becomes famous, what will
it be for?

telly for colouring in”

 – What makes you
proud of your mummy?

 “Because she is silly”


How tall is your mummy?

I feel I had a little insight into their
lives by asking them questions, so do the same with your children, document a
few answers and treasure them.  I
promise you will enjoy returning to them as much as I am.

Bless them why did they
grow up!

17 thoughts on “Feeling Nostalgic

  1. aww what a sweet post! How cute "on telly for colouring in" hehe.
    I once asked my son, now 6, what does mummy always say to you – stop doing that!! lol I was hoping he would say "I love you" little rascal

  2. Some of the things my children have come out with in the past is just wonderful, just yesterday my daughter asked me if you are a girl do you have to marry a man or can you marry a girl? Inquisitive and cute all at the same time.

  3. I love the questions and answers, I really wish I had started blogging when mine were young, my youngest were 7 when I started and I missed this phase, relying now on memory I am aware so much is lost. How wonderful for you to look back on your blog and see these times captured.

  4. It's lovely to have these memories of your children when they were small isn't it. I remember so much about my daughters being younger, but they don't always thank me for sharing now they're 21!

  5. I need to go back to writing posts like those initial ones, Emma is growing fast and soon she won't be too keen to answer my documenting questions :-).xx

  6. This is a lovely post; I enjoy going back over my blog posts from time to time as I find the same, it's a great way of remembering things you would otherwise have completely forgotten.

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