Gazillion Tornado Bubble Machine Review

have always fancied a bubble machine since the boys were very little but we
never quite got round to purchasing one for them, so when we were offered the Gazillion
Tornado bubble machine I jumped at the chance.

Looking forward to a #gazillionbubbles x

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They are quite inexpensive products
for the fun they provide so I really do not know why we did not get one sooner,
with an RRP of £12.99 they can keep your children entertained for quite a while. I would say use the machine outdoors,
indoors if you have laminate flooring it can get slippy and dangerous after a

The stream of bubbles is quite
powerful and the machine is very simple to use, however you do need lots of
bubble mixture to keep it topped up. It
is easy enough to refill, either prop up the bottle or pour it in and let the
machine do its thing! I love how the
bubble machine is encouraging them to run around, burning off some energy
whilst they chase bubbles.

You can see from the little video below
how much the boys enjoyed the bubble machine. 
They liked popping bubbles and dancing in them.

I think this product would be a welcome
addition to children parties. Most children
love bubbles and it works out much cheaper than hiring a party
entertainer. We are looking forward to
using the Gazillion Tornado bubble machine more often with the weather
improving, its a nice product to encourage children to spend more time outdoors.

For the price we
could not fault this machine. But I
would say to buy one when your children are younger to get the most benefit,
don’t keep putting it off like we did. 
With all the bubbles floating everywhere little ones will be kept amused
and out of mischief and you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

Available to buy from Tesco.

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