Gee Whizz Review & Giveaway

Children love magic and now it’s
easy enough for them to perform their own tricks with this new set from Drumond
Park. Aimed at children 5 and up these
are simpler tricks that younger children will manage without difficulty, the
instructions are clear with pictures to illustrate what they need to do. Some magic sets are over complicated and
children switch off, but all the activities in Gee Whizz are very doable. Let your child have a chance at playing the
magician and be impressed with their performance as they grew in
confidence. Children love being the
centre of attention and they will relish the chance to show you everything they
now know.

Gee Whizz is lots of fun, very
reasonably priced at £19.99 considering everything that is included in the
box. The set is very colourful and
appealing, capturing their interest from the onset. The range of activities is wide and intriguing, you have rainbow
glasses to see the world differently and a magically growing flower, alongside
plenty more illusions!!! It’s a set
children will enjoy getting the hang of; I think this is the perfect
introductory magic set. It is an ideal
present for your child, with 15 tricks it has plenty to keep them occupied and

This set will appeal to your
child’s natural curiosity and sense of wonderment. My boys have always been fascinated by magic, this is not their
first magic set but it’s definitely been the most straightforward to follow. The boys liked being in the know and myself
being clueless about how they did it!

You can find out more information and stockists of Gee Whizz on the
Drumond Park website and if you would like to win Gee Whizz then please fill
out the form below by the 29th of March.

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  1. My niece had a magician at her birthday party and ever since, my little girl has been convinced she can turn me into a frog, this would be great for her to practice some new tricks (that might actually work lol)

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