If I could turn back time what I would tell myself as a new blogger

Don’t feel you have to review everything you are offered
just to establish an ongoing relationship with a PR company, just politely
decline and hopefully next time something more suitable will come along. I think I got a bit carried away in the
beginning so grateful that companies had noticed me, now I have been around the
block awhile a 99p bottle of handwash doesn’t cut it, thanks all the same! Mind you a £1.99 one because its shaped like a squid might…

Although I would say I wish I had been more selective looking
through old posts reviewing items worth hardly anything I do not think I valued
the time it took me to take pictures (not very good ones back then, only
marginally better now!) and write the post. 
For me though initially it was never about how much something cost more
about whether or not my boys would (possibly) enjoy reviewing it. But its hard to keep that up, sometimes it
makes more sense just to nip to the shops and buy the product yourself, then
your free to write about what you want on your blog which is a welcome change
at times. You have to be quite
committed when reviewing; it helps to give the company a timeline of how long
you take to write up your posts and if your saying yes to everything it can be

Don’t worry about being honest in
your reviews, my son did not like the Quaker
Oats Oat So Simple
 so posed for a picture and then spat his mouthful on the carpet, so that
was documented in my review (at seven he has more decorum now don’t

I need not have been afraid to
be truthful; companies have continued to work with me, lots more as my blog has
grown. I try and balance reviews,
because often even if my boys don’t like something a friend of theirs might.

In those first fledgling months
as a new blogger I even felt pleased about getting press releases (now I almost
always hit delete, but it can be worthwhile seeing if they have samples or
budget if its something that interests you and would fit well with your
blog). I really thought helping put up their
press releases would make them want me to work with them again, “finally I am
getting communication with a marketing company (yippee!)” – no no no…

For one it will be duplicate
content for your site which lets be honest google does not like. Also some companies lead you down the garden
path, promising the moon on a stick and delivering diddlysquat! I had one hotel review being dangled like a
tasty carrot and I kept helping them and to this day it never happened, I got
no closer to reviewing a gorgeous hotel and I wasted time I could have enjoyed
with my lovely family instead (I hope they sleep well at night!).

Be firm, value your time and your blog space, going
back through old posts and seeing a few press releases I was coerced into
grieves me! Some approaches can be
quite predatory, you can get lulled into a false sense of security and then
WHAM! they have you agreeing to publish a press release every other day!!! But if you think it might be worthwhile by
all means do it, some offers do come to fruition just be careful. Some companies are unscrupulous in their
methods, others are genuine and lovely, just tread water carefully. If you don’t feel comfortable linking to
something say so, your blog, your rules. 
See what they are after, links, exposure, be happy with whatever you

12 thoughts on “If I could turn back time what I would tell myself as a new blogger

  1. I reviewed everything and anything at one point but now I am much more selective and use analytics to check my demographic and what their interests are to select the right reviews

  2. Fab advise. I think that one of the great things about being a blogger is the journeys we make and take with our blogs and the decisions we make. My biggest thing would be to use bigger images. If you look back mine were tiny!

  3. Such wise words from one who has seen it all first hand. The Quaker oats one made me smile, I have had review products I've not blogged before now, explaining that I could give the product a positive review, though to be fair that isn't often. Every new blogger looking to work with brands would do well to have a read of this.

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