My Little Pony Games Ponies Play Competition

I used to be a huge My Little Pony fan as a child; I enjoyed
watching the animated TV show and had lots of the pony toys to play with and
take everywhere on adventures of my own. 
So I was quite happy to share the news of their latest DVD and digital
download release Games Ponies Play that became available from the 14th
of March. I am half tempted to get a
copy just to reminisce about everything My Little Pony!

The My Little Pony horses are colourful and appealing to children
with their big eyes and even bigger personalities. In the DVD Twilight Sparkle (you have to love their names!)
welcomes the Equestria Games inspector to the Crystal Empire. They get confused and think Ms Peachbottom
is the inspector so drag her on an in-depth tour of Crystal Empire, although
she does look much nicer than the suitably named Ms Harshwhinny (the actual
inspector). It all works out in the
end, but I will not leave any further details so you when you watch it
yourself! It would be a shame to give
away too much of the plot.

To celebrate the release I have a competition for one of my
followers to win My Little Pony: Games Pony Play and a
Equestria Girls Movie Box Set (which includes Rainbow Rocks and Friendship
Games) so you to can enjoy the enjoyable shows together. Equestria Girls is new to me, but I watched
a clip and really liked it, there seems to be good lessons to be learnt about
friendship, working together and coping with challenges. The girls seem to have quite strong personalities
and its interesting watching how they get on.

enter please just fill out the form below by the 5th of April and
keep your fingers crossed.

Win My Little Pony: Games Pony Play & Equestria Girls Movie Box Set

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