My Mum’s Washing Wisdom

Washing is one of those chores
that appears impossible to catch up on once you have children. It can seem never-ending; my youngest
especially always seems to have half his dinner wiped up his sleeve so needs a
regular change of clothes! Then they
enjoy rolling down hills, jumping in muddy puddles, my boys are magnets for

Thankfully Beko have some more washing tips to
share from some of their favourite parent bloggers, I plan on having a good
look and seeing what washing wisdom I can pick up. I thought I might as well share my own suggestions too; luckily
my mum gave me some tips to help lighten the load. Hopefully following this guidance will free up more time for you to put your feet up for Mothers Day.

It helps if you can get your own children involved,
loading up the washing machine and helping put the clean clothes away
afterwards. Pocket money was earnt not
given freely so my brother and I had an incentive to help; I should do the same
now as my boys enjoy earning a few pence here and there (luckily they still
find coppers attractive so I could get away with paying them a cheap rate for
their efforts!).

My mum taught me not to mix
colours, although I get round this now with a colour catcher product, because
frankly it’s quicker and more efficient just to bung everything in
together. It seems to work as fingers
crossed our clothes are keeping their colour well enough and I do not have to
worry about sorting through piles of clothes before washing them. I have also found that Vanish
is quite handy if you want to keep your whites white!

I do read the care instructions
on labels; some clothes need to be washed at a lower temperature or end up
shrinking into a mini version as I have learnt from experience! I always wash the boys tops inside out to
try and help protect the design, I have now trained hubbie and the boys to turn
their clothes inside out before adding them to the wash basket (or chucking it
on the floor!), you see I have not quite ironed out all the kinks with their
training program. But if you start
teaching them now then hopefully they will start to do it automatically.

Do you have any other tips to add?

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