My son the hypochondriac

Yes at seven that sums him up, he
is always talking about his health problems. 
He has issues with his eyes (they ALWAYS have something in them, but
there never is!), his teeth, his wrists (a new condition apparently they are a
bit itchy!), his knee’s (“they make funny noises”), and his armpits (I think he
had just exercised more than usual!); basically we cover a new section of his
body every day! You never know what each day will hold, luckily he is so funny and entertaining the rest of the time.

In disguise! x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Dec 27, 2015 at 12:17pm PST

I cannot clearly remember when it
first started, perhaps he loved all the attention when we thought he was unwell
and decided to continue the theme with lots more ailments for even more fuss,
the chance to get tucked in with a blanket, get even more cuddles than usual,
have drinks and snacks brought to him. 
Have other grownups fretting over him, he likes the doctors in our local
surgery, one gives him fruit and they are all very attentive and thorough.

As a parent it’s not easy to live
with as you tend to panic that all his “aches and pains” are an underlying
symptom for something much more worrying, I am constantly asking myself should
I get the doctor, optician or dentist involved again depending on his latest grumble.

He has had LOTS of appointments
and usually gets a clear bill of health, the odd time he has had an ear
infection but generally he is right as rain. 
I think it’s become a bit of a game with him; even the most minor of
twinges becomes a full protest of complaint! 
Hubbie has clocked him smirking about it before, so I have had to ignore
some of what he says and try and change the topic off his health grievances.

I think adults should always investigate their
children’s worries but at what point is enough… enough? Other than this little health quirk he is a happy
cheerful boy that seems popular in his peer group. Perhaps he has just learnt a new way to torment his mum!

10 thoughts on “My son the hypochondriac

  1. It may just be his personality – in that he documents every niggle – there are plenty of adults who always do that! It sounds like you have him sussed however, I think you'd know if something was really wrong and if he's happy and cheerful otherwise, there's probably nothing to worry about!

  2. I love the photo of him in disguise! I've never experienced this, it's difficult but you can usually tell if something is really wrong. If my kids are moaning I just say "do you need an ambulance" and they say no and are suddenly feeling much better. Saying that I have had ambulances called for three of them (I have 5 kids) and none of them asked for it. I think your boy may be loving the attention he gets which he will probably grow out of. You will just have to rely on your instincts.

  3. My oldest is a bit like that but more with injuries….he can still go crazy over the teeniest tiniest little scratch the eye can hardly see!! Whereas my daughter can fall over and really hurt herself and dust herself off and move on!

  4. Oh dear! I don't find that children aren't very good at describing things health wise. It hurts, but they can't tell you what sort of pain or how deep. Makes it more difficult to make decisions about going to the doctors.

  5. I think as mums we have a sixth sense for knowing when something's serious enough to require a trip to the doctors. This was definitely a skill I'd honed by the time my daughters were all grown up. Hope this is something he grows out of x

  6. We have never experienced this so I have no words of wisdom for you. Just use your mummy instinct as you already are and I am sure he will grow out of it.xx

  7. Bless. I think it's always something to listen too. I had issues with my middle boy and turned out he had low iron, but I could't pin point exactly. I think talking to the doctor would put both your mind at rest x

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